The best docking stands for the Apple Watch

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 25 Apr 2015


Since the Apple Watch is predicted to need daily charging, one of the must-have accessories for the Apple Watch is a dock, which will hold the Watch while it is charging. A well-constructed dock holds your Watch securely and allows you to see the display when it is on your desk or nightstand. There is a growing number of docks already available for the Apple Watch. Here are our top picks if you are in the market for one.

Pad & Quill Timber Catchall ($99)


Crafted from a single piece of Mahogany, Cherry or very Premium American Walnut, the Timber Catchall is designed to hold your iPhone, Watch and other items in its extra slot. The $99 Catchall ships in Late May.

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand ($69)


Pad & Quill also is offering a smaller stand that folds shut when you need to travel. The small stand is crafted from a single piece of American Cherry or African Mahogany, the Timber Catchall is designed to hold your iPhone, Watch and other items in its extra slot. The $69 Pocket Stand ships in mid-May.

Spigen Apple Watch Stand ($19)


Spine offers a no-nonsense stand crafted from aluminum with a TPU dock to avoid scratching the Watch. It’s an affordable option for someone looking for a basic dock that’ll sit on their desk or nightstand.

TwelveSouth HiRise ($49)


The HiRise is a popular series of stands from TwelveSouth, so it’s not surprising to see the line extended to include the Watch. The Watch version features a stable metal base with both silicone accents and a leather pad to protect the Apple Watch while it is charging. It can be used with any style Apple Watch band, including closed-loop metal bands. The HiRise ships in May with pre-orders starting soon.

DODOCase Charging Stand ($99.95)


Well-known case maker DODOCase is offering a simple wooden stand hewn from California American Walnut. The stand fits all strap designs and all watch models and has a unique a travel mode feature that allows you to wrap cable and charger into one package. You can pre-order the DODOCase Charging Stand now with an expected ship date of 4–6 weeks after the Watch launches.

Griffin WatchStand ($29.99)


The WatchStand from Griffin offers an angled cradle that allows you orient the Watch vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference. It accommodates all Watch styles and both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands. As an added bonus, the Griffin WatchStand allows you to wind up excess cable inside the core of the stand for tidy storage. The WatchStand is not available yet for pre-order, but you can sign up to be notified when it goes on sale.

Mophie Watch Dock ($59.95)


The Mophie Watch Dock combines a metallic stand with leather accents that both compliments the styling and protects the finish of the Apple Watch. The dock is compatible with all Apple Watch models and bands. Pre-orders are available now with an expected ship date in early May.

Nomad Pod ($59.95)


The Nomad Pod is a portable battery charger for the Apple Watch which doubles as a charging stand. The round stand holds your charging cable securely and allows you to place your Apple Watch on it in from any angle. Packed with a 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery, the Pod provides up to 4 full charges of the Apple Watch and also includes and accessory USB port to charge a USB device.You can pre-order a Pod now with an estimated ship date of June 15th.

Nomad Stand ($59.95)


Made from extruded, aircraft grade aluminum, the curved Nomad Stand for Apple Watch includes a rubber footing to hold the Watch and a copper alloy base to add some weight to the stand so it won’t tip over. It also features a side channel that routes the charging cable, keeping it out of sight. The Nomad Stand is available today for pre-ordering with a ship date of May 20th for orders placed today.

CalypsoCrystal Timeless Moment ($129)

Instead of the typical metal stand, CalypsoCrystal offers the luxurious Timeless Moment, a unique arch-shaped stand that is described as being as gorgeous as the Apple Watch itself. Handcrafted in Europe using premium Italian leather, the Timeless Moment safely holds every Apple Watch and strap design. It is available now for pre-order and will ship starting May 1st. Color options include white beige, black, orange and bordeaux red.

Native Union DOCK ($49.99)


The Native Union DOCK is another unique stand that stands out from the crowd because of its reversible design. Depending on you needs, you can position the dock on its base in a horizontal position or place it on its side for vertical viewing. The DOCK is compatible with all Apple Watch models, sizes and strap styles. It is available now for pre-order with a ship date in August 2015.

MiTagg NuDock Power Station Lamp ($149 pre-order, $249 MSRP)


The NuDock Power Station Lamp is a do-it-all stand that includes a portable battery, a Smart LED lamp and a charger for both your Apple Watch and iPhone. The dock is available as a part of an Indiegogo campaign, with supporters receiving an additional NuStand Apple Watch stand as a bonus. The stand is expected to ship in July 2015.

The Watch accessory market is changing every day. If there is a docking that you like that is not on this list, please share them in the comments below.