The Best Apps to Create Custom Widgets on iPhone

BY Parth Shah

Published 20 Mar 2021

Apps to Create Custom Widgets on iPhone

iOS 14 opened up a host of new customization options for iPhone users. For starters, you can change the default email and browser app on the iPhone, and even better, users have an option to place widgets on the home screen. While most popular apps have added support for widgets since the release of iOS 14, you can create custom widgets as per your liking for your iPhone’s home screen.

Using a widget-maker app, you can create a widget to display the information you want. You also have full control over how the final widget will look like. Since iOS 14’s release, plenty of custom widget-maker apps have made their way to the App Store.

Apps to Create Custom Widgets on iPhone

We have tried a few widget apps to create custom widgets on iPhone. Each app has its pros and cons. Among them, we have finalized the five best iPhone apps to create personalized widgets. Let’s get started.

1. Widgetsmith

No surprise here. Widgetsmith easily tops the list with several customization options and thoughtful implementation. The app is packed with a wide variety of highly customizable widgets, ranging from date to weather to astronomy. Each can be adjusted precisely to fit your desired function and appearance.

The best part is, this set of widgets can then be dynamically scheduled to appear on your home screen following the rules you define. 

widgetsmith for iPhone

For example, a particular widget could show the weather or photo widget first thing in the morning, then your calendar during your workday, switch to your Activity ring progress as you wrap up your day. This lets you take full advantage of each slot on your home screen.

My favorite feature is Apple Health integration. You can add the Apple Health activity and customize it with other information using the Widgetsmith widgets.

Widgetsmith includes an optional premium monthly or annual subscription. The price starts at $2 per month.


2. Color Widgets

As the name suggests, Color Widgets focuses on the design aspect to let you build colorful widgets for the iPhone home screen. You can choose from stunning premade widget designs, or better yet, make your own. 

The widget options include endless options like countdowns, date and battery, weather, quotes, and more. You can add pictures to your widgets, edit their font, create your own color-scheme, and so much more. 

color widgets for iPhone

What Color Widgets lacks is third-party integration such as Apple Health, Reminders, and Photos app. You can’t add information from these apps to a widget.

Most widgets are completely free to use. You will be mostly fine using them on the iPhone home screen. Some of the widgets do come with a Premium tag that costs $4 as a one-time payment.


3. Transparent Widget

This is a fun one. Those coming from the Android world might miss the ability to add icons and widgets to any part of the home screen. Transparent Widget offers a good workaround for that. 

The app will help you apply an invisible widget to your screen, keep an empty page on your home screen and enjoy your background.

transparent widget for iPhone

You can add new apps to exactly where you want them to be on the home screen. The transparent widget smartly acquires the other space. 

With an option to cover the entire home screen with a widget, you can view your beautiful wallpaper and add multiple pages to your home screen.


4. WidgetBox

WidgetBox offers one of the best aesthetically pleasing widgets for the iPhone home screen. As of now, the app offers more than 69 widgets to choose from. 

With WidgetBox, you can select widgets you like, add your profile, stories, bios, captions, use custom fonts with any texting app, and access a great variety of symbols. 

widgetbox for iphone

I like the built-in System tracking widget that allows you to glance at essential information such as battery percentage, RAM and CPU usage, and remaining storage on the device. 

WidgetBox is free to download. You can opt for a $9.99 per month subscription or purchase the app as a one-time payment at $39.99. 


5. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo is all about the flexibility to customize widgets on the go. The app follows a modular concept and divides the whole widget into several blocks. You can drag and drop and move blocks around for a unique look.

widgeroo for iPhone

Widgetridoo already comes with several built-in widgets divided into categories like Birthdays, Calendars, Feeds, and more. If you look closely, you can view the block preview from the category icon itself.

The basic functionality is free, but you want more customization options, then you will have to buy the Pro version at $4.


Go through the apps list above and create custom widgets for your iPhone home screen. Jazz up the default look with several custom widgets and show off your perfect homescreen setup in the comments section below.