The 20 Best iPhone Apps Updated for iOS 12

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 7 Oct 2018

iOS 12 Best iPhone Apps Siri Shortcuts Featured

Every year, Apple adds new and interesting developer features to iOS. And iOS 12 is no exception. In fact, the new iOS 12 features for third-party apps will make power users quite happy. You can finally use a third-party app for password autofill and Apple has opened up the door to Siri for third-party apps with Siri Shortcuts.

Siri Shortcuts is the most exciting thing about iOS 12. Not only can you use Siri to interact with specific Siri features, but you can even create complex workflows using third-party actions. Check out the best iPhone and iPad apps that have added support for the new Siri Shortcuts and password autofill feature in iOS 12.

1. Halide

Halide iOS 12 Update

The best camera iPhone camera app got even better! In fact, it actually clicks better Portrait mode images on iPhone X than the Camera app! The app has been rewritten for iOS 12 using Metal and is now 1.8 times faster than before.

It’s now fast and stable enough that you can use Halide as your default camera app, capture in RAW + JPEG, and edit images in Darkroom.

The app integrates Siri Shortcuts in a brilliant way. You can set up a phrase like “fire the shutter” and Halide will open the app and press the shutter button for you. This is a great way to remotely take stabilized shots when your iPhone is mounted on a tripod.

Download: Halide

2. 1Password

iOS 12 1Password Autofill

iOS 12 has a new feature that lets third-party password managers integrate directly into the password autofill functionality.

Many major password managers like LastPass and Dashlane have also updated with the functionality. But 1Password is the best password manager on iPhone. It’s feature rich, easy to use and gives you control over how and where your password value is stored. Go to Settings -> Passwords & Accounts -> AutoFill Passwords and enable 1Password.

Now, when you try to login to a website, you’ll see an option to autofill details stored in 1Password, right there.

Download: 1Password

3. Overcast

Siri Shortcuts Overcast

Overcast is the best podcast client on the iPhone. And the Overcast 5 redesign comes with a major new feature: Siri shortcuts integration! Finally, you can use your voice to control the podcasts. This integration isn’t as smooth as the Podcasts app but all the major functionality is taken care of.

Go to the Settings section in the Overcast app and choose Siri Shortcuts. You can set up a shortcut to resume the latest episode in Overcast, play a specific playlist, toggle Voice Boost, recommend the episode and more.

Download: Overcast

4. CARROT Weather

Siri Shortcuts Carrot Weather

CARROT Weather is a weather app with a personality. But even if you choose the ignore that part, the app gives you the most detailed weather breakdown on iPhone. And now, you can get all of that without ever opening the app.

CARROT Weather has a whopping 17 Siri Shortcuts. You can set up to view the weather report, extended weather report, rain report or just specifics like the temperature, wind speed and more.

Download: CARROT Weather

5. TripIt

TripIt is the best all-in-one travel planner for iPhone. You can book everything from your travel to your stay with this app. Or you can use use the app to organize all the travel details.

TripIt’s new Siri integration will make your travel less stressful. You can now add individual actions to Siri so you ask something like “show my flight details” to bring up your boarding pass, without fiddling around in your purse.

Download: TripIt

6. Tile

If you’ve got a Tile tracker attached to your keys, headphone or your dog, you can now just assign a Siri shortcut to it. Next time, just ask Siri “find my keys” to start the Tile tracking.

Download: Tile

7. Pcalc Lite

PCalc iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

Pcalc Lite is the customizable calculator app you should be using. You can always count on Pcalc showing up with new iOS features on day one. iOS 12 update is no exception.

You can use Siri Shortcuts to do background calculations for anything you have in the clipboard. For example, you can copy a number and ask Siri to convert it into another currency or unit.

Download: Pcalc Lite

8. Focus

Focus iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

Focos is a Pomodoro based timer app. And you can now use Siri to start, extend, pause or skip a session.

Download: Focus

9. HomeCam

HomeCam is a HomeKit utility to view multiple HomeKit cameras at the same time. If you find the Home app cumbersome when it comes to security cameras, HomeCams is the app for you. And now, with Siri integration, keeping an eye on your home when you’re away is even easier.

Once you’ve set up a Siri Shortcut for a specific camera, you can call it up and in a view the live camera feed right in the Siri view! No need to open the app or press any buttons.

Download: HomeCam

10. LookUp

LookUp iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

LookUp, the visual dictionary app for iPhone just got a whole lot better in iOS 12. The app has added a collections feature where you can create various collections with your favorite words.

LookUp directly integrates with Siri. So you can set up shortcuts to view the word of the day, your liked words, search the word in your clipboard, and to open your most recently searched word.

Download: LookUp

11. Drafts

Drafts is a simple tool that helps you quickly capture text. You can create a shortcut to convert clipboard into a draft or to directly open a specific draft.

Download: Drafts

12. Pandora

Pandora is the first music streaming app to use the new Media features in Siri Shortcuts. You can go into settings and create shortcuts to play a particular station, album or artists. Of course, this is nowhere near as extensive as Apple Music, but if you only listen to select stations in Pandora, your music experience is about to get a lot better.

Download: Pandora

13. Things 3

Things 3 has a neat new feature that works seamlessly with Siri Shortcuts. You can ask Siri to create a task in Things using your clipboard. You can create a shortcut for adding a to-do and Things can do it in the background, without even opening the app. If you want, you can add specific details like notes, list, deadline and more.

Download: Things 3

14. Citymapper

If you use public transport in a metro city, Citymapper becomes a must-have. You can now check your commute time, train departures and find the way back home just by talking to Siri.

Download: Citymapper

15. Trello

You can use Siri to open your favorite boards or add tasks to a list in Trello.

Download: Trello

16. Bear

Bear is the best alternative to the Apple Notes app. And now it has similar Siri functionality as well.

Download: Bear

17. Streaks

Streaks iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

You can now mark a habit as complete in Streaks by using Siri.

Download: Streaks

18, 19 & 20: Keynote, Numbers, Pages

Apple has updated Pages, Numbers, and Keynote with Siri Shortcuts support in iOS 12. You can configure shortcuts to create a new document, a new document with a specific template or in Keynote, you can even start a presentation with just your voice. And of course, all the actions are available in the Shortcuts app as well so you can make some awesome workflows using these tools.

Download: Keynote, Numbers, Pages

Workflow Becomes Shortcuts

iOS 12 Create Siri Shortcuts App 10

Apple bought Workflow last year and it has now been turned into the Shortcuts app. If you use Workflow before, it will show up as an update. If you’ve never used it, go to the App Store and download the Shortcuts app directly.

You’ll be able to import or create multi-step shortcuts that initiate using Siri. You can create some really cool stuff using the Shortcuts app. Learn how you can use the Shortcuts app in our detailed guide.

What are some of your favorite apps with new iOS 12 features? Share with us in the comments below.