The Best watchOS 6 Tips and Tricks

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 15 Sep 2019

With the watchOS update, we’re getting closer to an independent Apple Watch. Now, you can download apps right on the Apple Watch and manage many Watch dependent settings right from your wrist. Here are the best watchOS 6 tips and tricks that you should know about.

Best watchOS 6 Tips and Tricks for Apple Watch

To learn about all the features in watchOS 6 update, take a look at our article here. We’ve also compiled a list of the best iOS 13 features that go with your iPhone.

1. Download Apps Directly From Apple Watch

watchOS 6 App Store

There’s a new App Store app right on the Apple Watch on watchOS 6. When you open the App Store section on the Watch app, you’ll find that there’s nothing there.

The App Store on Apple Watch is fully functional, Watch specific version on your wrist. Open the app and you can browse through top app lists, curated lists and more. You can even search for an app using your voice or by scribbling on the screen.

When you find an app, just tap on the Get button. You can buy paid apps from the App Store as well.

2. Get Web Results in Siri

When you search for something on Siri that it doesn’t have the answer to, it will now show you web results. Previously, Siri would just tell you to look at your iPhone instead.

Now, you can browse through web results and even tap on a link to open it right on your wrist!

3. Browse The Web Using Siri

There’s no Safari app on the Apple Watch yet but you can basically turn Siri into one. Just bring up Siri and say “Open” and Siri will open the website for you. You can scroll around, tap on an article to read it in the Reader view format.

4. Delete Stock Apps from Apple Watch

You can now delete stock apps on your Apple Watch, just like you can on your iPhone and iPad.

Open the apps screen on your Apple Watch, find a stock app you want to delete and tap and hold on it. You’ll see an X icon. Tap on it to remove it.

If you want to re-download it, you can just search for it on the App Store.

5. Use The New Calculator App

watchOS 6 Calculator

Apple has integrated a full calculator app on the Apple Watch so you don’t need to download a third-party option. Open the Calculator app and you’ll see the familiar calculator functions on the screen. There’s also a tip calculator built-in.

Tap on the Tip button and you’ll be able to add tip to a bill and split it with your friends as well.

6. Use Smart Lists in Reminders App

watchOS 6 Reminders

Just like in iOS 13, the Reminders app in watchOS 6 has been redesigned. You can open the Reminders app and tap on the + button to enter a new reminder using your voice or by scribbling on the screen.

What’s great about the Reminders app on the Apple Watch are the smart lists. Your reminders are automatically sorted in smart lists like Today, Scheduled, All, and so on. Use the Today smart list to quickly view all the tasks that are due today.

7. Record Voice Memos

watchOS 6 Voice Memos

watchOS 6 includes an incredibly simple version of the Voice Memos app. Just open the app and tap on the Red button to start recording. Tap on the Stop button to stop the recording. All recordings are synced automatically using iCloud so you’ll find the recording on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

When you open the Voice Memos app again, you’ll see a list of all your pre-recorded voice memos. Tap on a recording to play it.

8. Check Noise Levels

If you’re using the Series 4 Apple Watch you’ll see a new Noise app in your library. The Noise app is a decibel-o-meter that works directly on your Apple Watch and logs the data in the Health app.

The app has two modes – active and passive. You can open the Noise app to check the decibel level around you at any time. The app will tell you if its’a dangerous level of noise and if you should get out of there.

The app works passively in the background too. And when it detects unusually loud noise it will notify you about it. The app also has a great dynamic complication that will tell you the audio level every time you lift your wrist.

9. Listen to Audiobooks

Apple has a new Books app on the Apple Watch but it’s not for reading books, it’s for listening to them. If you’ve both audiobooks from the iTunes store, they’ll show up here directly. You can connect your AirPods and instantly start streaming or downloading the audiobook.

10. Track Menstrual Health

watchOS 6 Cycle Tracking

There’s a new Cycle Tracking app on the Apple Watch that helps women track their menstrual cycles. You can log your period along with data about your period experience.

The Health app will then analyze this data and will predict the next period dates. It also has a fertility tracking feature.

11. New Now Playing App

watchOS 6 Now Playing Screen

There’s a new Now Playing app that works similar to the AirPlay screen on the iPhone. It will let you control audio and video on multiple devices. Devices like your Apple TV, HomePod and iPhone will show up. You can tap on a device to control the playback independently.

12. Check Favorites and Collections in the Maps App

The Maps app has two useful features: Favorites and Collections. Once you start using these features on your iPhone, the data will sync automatically on your Apple Watch as well.

So you can access your favorite locations, tap on a location and start navigating to it without searching for anything.

13. Send Animoji Stickers from Apple Watch

watchOS 6 Animoji Stickers

Animoji stickers are now integrated directly in the Messages app’s reply’s screen. When you’re in a conversation and tap on the reply button, you’ll see Memoji Stickers along with the emojis.

Tap on the Animoji Stickers icon, browse through available stickers and tap on one to send it in the chat.

14. Mute Conversations in Messages App

You can now quickly mute a conversation from the Messages app. From the conversations view, swipe left on a conversation and tap on the Mute icon.

15. Get Alternative Glyphs for California Face

The California watch face is one of the best new watch faces in watchOS 6. It’s a great analog watch face that’s quite customizable.

You can change the numerals to roman letters and even Devnagri or Arabic type. Select the California watch face, tap and hold on the screen and then tap on Customize.

watchOS 6 Numerals Watch Face

In the same fashion, you can customize the Numerals and Gradient watch faces as well.

16. Use New Cellular Complication

There’s a new complication that Cellular Apple Watch users will love. Add the Cellular complication and you’ll be able to see the cell signal on your Watch Face. If you tap on the complication you’ll be able to quickly disable the Cellular feature as well.

17. Check Chance of Rain on Watch Face

If you live in a city with unpredictable weather, use the Chance of Rain complication on the Modular watch face. You’ll get a detailed view of the chance of rain over the day.

18. Toggle Bluetooth From Apple Watch

You can finally toggle Bluetooth on the Apple Watch if needed. It’s not a simple toggle in the Control Center but you can access it from Settings app by going to the Bluetooth section.

19. Switch to New List View for Apps

watchOS 6 Apps List

watchOS 6 has a new List view design for the apps screen. It’s a big improvement, with big bold letters and visual feedback when you’re moving between the apps. This might just convince you to get rid of the old honeycomb design. Open the apps screen, Force Touch on the display and then tap on List View to switch to it.

20. Explore New Settings App

watchOS 6 Settings App

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, watchOS 6 is a clear step towards Watch independence. And one of the places that you can see it is in the Settings app. The Settings app now looks very much like the one on your iPhone or iPad. It’s organized in the same fashion.

Some of the settings that were only on the Watch app on the iPhone are now available on the Apple Watch, including app-specific settings. So you can download an app from the App Store and manage its settings (like how often it requests location), right from your wrist.

When you open the Settings app, you’ll see your profiles name at the top and as you scroll, you’ll see reshuffled sections. Spend some time exploring this app and changing the settings you deep fit.

Your Favorite watchOS 6 Features

What are some of your favorite features in this watchOS 6 update? Share with us in the comments below.