CES 2021: Apple Reiterates Commitment to Privacy and Environment in New Ads

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 11 Jan 2021

 CES 2021 Apple privacy ads

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 is finally underway. The event, like all the other events of 2020, is virtual, with all the companies holding their press conferences online. Apple has yet again made a silent appearance at the show by releasing three new ads.

Apple really hasn’t ever participated in CES but has made a silent appearance several times. Back in 2019, Apple put up a billboard in front of the convocation center in Las Vegas, where CES is usually held, highlighting Apple’s take on privacy. The billboard — What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone —  highlighted the importance of privacy on iPhone for Apple.

This year, Apple has released three ads that focus mainly on privacy and Apple’s commitment to the environment. The first ad highlights that the Face ID data, which is generally used to authenticate transactions and unlocking iPhones, stay on the phone. Apple even reiterates that the data isn’t even shared with them.

The second ad highlights how Apple doesn’t ‘know’ what you purchase with Apple Pay. Most companies would have used this data to target ads to the user, but Apple opts not to track the payments made via its service. Check the advertisements here.

Finally, the third ad highlights Apple’s commitment to saving the environment. The ad shows how Apple uses recycled Aluminium to make the frame for the Apple Watch. Apple, in the past, has been bantered for removing the charging brick from the box of new iPhones but the company has stayed to its commitments. All the ads are live on Apple’s UK YouTube Channel and are expected to go live in other regions pretty soon.

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