Chrome 94 Beta Offers Improved Graphics Performance on macOS by Using Metal Framework

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 31 Aug 2021

Google Chrome

Google is all set to introduce Metal framework on Chrome 94 beta for macOS. The new implementation is expected to enhance graphic processing capabilities on macOS. Furthermore, the new WebCodec API being tested on beta 94 will offer improved media processing capabilities.

Chrome beta 94 is significant as it includes a slew of features slated for public release on macOS. The latest beta is centered around changes that help improve graphic processing. To be more precise, the upgrade consists of two new ways in which graphic processing on macOS can be significantly enhanced.

The WebCodecs API comes with a “low-level codec API” that offers better support for “emerging applications.” Typically emerging applications are based on fast video encoding and decoding. With the help of a new codec, web services like game streaming can maintain a low latency without increased processing power. Overall it will make it easier for lower spec macOS to run graphic intensive services like game streaming.

Google started the WebCodecs trial in Chrome 93, and on 94 betas, the feature is enabled by default. Furthermore, developers will be able to use media components bundled within the browser directly. In other words, the developers can use elements like video, audio encoders, raw video frame handling, and image decoders.

The Google Chrome 94 beta comes with yet another useful API called WebGPU. Apart from being better in performance, it also comes with features like “GPU compute.” Google says the previous API’s including WebGL and WebGL2, was designed for drawing images. Now the latest WebGPU is tweaked to support modern computational tasks. It offers advantages like separate resource management, work preparation, and submission to the GPU.

It is worth noting that the WebGPU trial has begun on Chrome 94, and hopefully, the feature will be on by default on Chrome 99.

[via Chromium]