Video: Google’s New ‘There’s No Place like Chrome’ Ads are Aimed Squarely at iPhone Users

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 24 Mar 2022

Google Chrome Icon Redesign

Apple has made rapid strides to improve the Safari user experience on iPhone with iOS 15 and its point releases. Now, Google seems to be feeling the heat because it has launched a new ad campaign targeting iPhone users who already use Chrome on their Mac or desktop.

The new series of ads called “There’s no place like Chrome” highlights the features shared between Chrome for desktop and Chrome for iPhone. The series is comprised of four videos, each just 30 seconds long. Another innovative aspect of these ads is they are all filmed from your iPhone’s point of view. The unique cinematography makes you feel you’re listening to and seeing the browser’s perspective on the advertised features.

Autofill on Chrome

The first and arguably the most exciting advertisement of the four highlights how Autofill helps streamline e-commerce experiences. It shows a person enters their credit card details and spends so much time doing so that their desired concert tickets sell out.

Synced Devices

Chrome allows you to leave some tabs open on your Mac and resume working on them on iPhone, as long as you’re signed in on both devices using the same Google account. Besides that, bookmarks and saved passwords are also synced across your devices.

Saved Passwords

Google’s third advert in the series highlights how you’ve usually saved your login credentials on your Mac or PC but need to access them on iPhone. It suggests you use Chrome’s built-in password manager to use the same login credentials across several connected devices seamlessly. Importantly, this isn’t a highlight of Chrome because most browsers now have integrated password manager functionality. You could always see your saved passwords (on Google) by visiting on your iPhone.

Malware Protection

If anything rings a bell for Apple users, it is the brand’s pursuit for privacy and safety highlighted time and again in advertisement campaigns. Google’s fourth ad of the series highlights Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature that shows a bright red warning if you are about to visit a potentially dangerous or malicious website. Note that this feature is also not unique to Chrome and several other browsers feature similar implementations.

Each ad uses an iPhone mockup to drive home the point at the end of the video, and links in the video descriptions redirect to the “Get Chrome on your iPhone” page. The webpage also has a helpful guide to set Chrome as your default browser.

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