Epic Games ‘Attempting to Locate’ Former iOS Software Chief to Testify Against Apple

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 23 Feb 2021

A new report in Epic vs Apple legal battle details that the company is trying to seek testimony from Apple’s former iOS software chief, Scott Forstall.

Epic recently filed a case against Apple in European Union Court to amplify its effort in the ongoing legal battle. Now, as per the documents submitted in the United States court, Apple first tried to depose Forstall in the case, and later tried to represent him in the court. Epic, however, alleges Apple saying that it would provide a date to Forstall for the deposition, but it “didn’t keep the promise.” In the court document, Apple indicates that it would have handled all the logistics and planning of the deposition, and agreed to a date of February 11.

Apple has now admitted that Forstall did not respond to its request to appear.

Now, Epic says that it is “trying to locate Mr. Forstall.” When Epic asked Apple regarding his whereabouts, Apple responded to their query with a PO box and just a Twitter handle. Apple first denied that it did not have the ‘authority’ to provide Forstall’s phone number to Epic, but then later turned to comment that it didn’t have ‘correct information in its possession.’

Apple now claims that it is open to working “collaboratively” with Epic to resolve the issue.

Epic claims that Forstall could be a ‘big hand’ in the Apple vs Epic legal battle. They want him to testify against Apple about its malpractices of the App Store. Apple might be reluctant in bringing Forstall to the court, but his turning up could be big for Epic, given his ‘rocky’ departure from the company.

Forstall left Apple in 2013, after a botched launch of Apple Maps. Many claim that his exit was forced, and this was the sole reason for his exit. Epic now has until 10th March to locate Forstall and present him in the court against Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Software Chief Craig Federighi are also going to be at the hearing.

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[Via FOSS Patents]