New Google Pixel 3a Ad Compares Google Maps to Apple Maps on ‘Phone X’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 May 2019

Google just can’t seem to stop taking potshots at Apple with its latest mid-range handset, Pixel 3a. After highlighting just how superior the Pixel 3a’s camera is compared to the iPhone XS in its previous ad, Google has now released another ad. This time around, it highlights how Google Maps on the Pixel 3a offers a superior navigation experience compared to Apple Maps on the iPhone.

In the ad, Google highlights how Google Maps on the Pixel 3a offers one walking directions in augmented reality while the ‘Phone X’ running Apple Maps just shows one’s location on a 2D map with the directions on top of it. The use of AR definitely makes it easier to follow walking directions shown on the Pixel 3a when compared to Apple Maps on the ‘Phone X.’

This is a comparison that really hits hard. Despite years of efforts and promises from Apple, its mapping service is nowhere near as good as Google Maps. The latter has continuously improved over the years while Apple seems to have made little to no meaningful improvements in Maps.

After promising to build Apple Maps from the ground up in 2018, there has been a notable improvement in the data collected by Apple Maps but that’s primarily limited to certain popular areas in the United States. In comparison, Google Maps is doing a far better job of covering the entire world and not just the U.S. Plus, the rate of improvement of Apple Maps is simply not as good as Google Maps.

The Pixel 3a might not be as good of a smartphone as the iPhone XS but the incredible value for money that it offers more than makes up for its compromises. And yes, as the two ads from Google shows, it does indeed offer a better camera experience in low-light and navigation service than the iPhone.