This Clever Hack Turns Your iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack Into a Magnetic Charging Stand

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 22 Jul 2021

Apple recently launched MagSafe charger for iPhone 12. A new hack that helps you build a wireless magnetic charging stand for iPhone. All you need is an iPhone 12, MagSafe Battery pack and an iPhone dock.

Peter Ortolani is the brain behind the setup. He says, “You can turn the MagSafe battery into a magnetic iPhone stand/dock if you plug it into the lightning dock!” Place your MagSafe battery pack on an iPhone charging dock. Ortoloni has used Apple Certified charging dock, but the setup should work with a third party as well.

Place your MagSafe battery vertically on the charging dock. With MagSafe Battery in place, you can place iPhone 12 on the dock magnetically. Whenever you want to use the iPhone, take it off the battery pack. This type of setup is primarily possible due to the MagSafe technology on iPhone 12.

Behind the scenes, the iPhone 12 is charged through the battery pack, which gets its charge from the lightning cable via the charging dock. Most importantly, the MagSafe Battery pack supports reverse charging. This means you can charge it from your iPhone by plugging in a charging cable.

Apple’s MagSafe Support document mentions that both iPhone and MagSafe Battery Pack can be charged simultaneously. All you need to do is “attach MagSafe Battery Pack to your iPhone and then plug the MagSafe Battery Pack into a power adapter.” If you use, 20W power adapter to charge iPhone, then MagSafe will be charged at 15W. On the other hand, you can charge both if you plugin the iPhone with MagSafe Battery pack to a charging cable.

Using a MagSafe battery pack to build a magnetic charging stand could seem a bit farfetched and expensive. Furthermore, there is no shortage of wireless charging stand for the iPhone 12. However, if you are in the mood for a hack, do try this one out.

[via Peter Ortolani]