How to Get Three Months of Spotify Premium for Free

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 1 Dec 2021


The holiday season is here, and Spotify is encouraging users to subscribe to Spotify Premium. It also revealed a way to get three months of Premium for free. Read on to know the prerequisites.

Spotify Premium delivers an ad-free experience, allows you to download music for offline listening, and skip an unlimited number of songs on shuffle.

This is great news for customers who want to experience the convenience of Premium and evaluate if it is worth the expense before committing to pay. It is also a cool move for free tier listeners who don’t want to be badgered by unskippable advertisements, even if they don’t plan to renew the subscription. For Spotify, the promotion works as a lure, so more people enjoy the conveniences of Premium and subscribe to it, thereby supplementing the platform’s revenue from ads.

How to Get Spotify Premium for 3 Months for Free

  • You can redeem this offer between November 29 and December 31, 2021.
  • The offer is available for Spotify free-tier users who have never tried Premium before.
  • You can only get the Premium Individual plan, and not the Family Plan.

If you meet all the above requirements, just go ahead and sign up for the Spotify Premium Individual Plan. You’ll need to enter your card details during the process, but you won’t be charged a cent for the service for three months.

Additionally, if you regret recently downgrading from Spotify Premium to its free tier, you can sign up again and enjoy three months of ad-free playback for just $9.99. That works out to be less than $4 per month—a small price to pay for peace of mind.

However, remember that Spotify will revert to the $9.99 per month subscription fee for the Individual plan after your three-month free trial ends.

2021 Spotify Singles Holiday Collection Playlist

Besides this, Spotify revealed that it expanded its presence to 44 new markets, including Uganda, Jamaica, and Papua New Guinea. This means Spotify now operates in 184 markets around the world. It also added support for five new languages, including Romanian and Croatian. It has also released a special playlist for the holiday season, called 2021 Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection.