How To View Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 1 Dec 2021

Spotify Wrapped 2021

With less than 30 days for 2021 to end, Spotify’s year-end roundup of the top music, genres, artists, and more that you have listened to throughout the year is now available. To view your Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist, just follow the steps in this guide.

There are two versions of Spotify Wrapped 2021. The first one is based on your listening habits, and the other is based on what the world enjoyed listening to this year. The streaming service is now focusing on its Blend feature for shared playlists launched earlier this year. So, Spotify Wrapped 2021 allows you to compare your music taste in 2021 with a friend and get a blended playlist.” You can even see your total “minutes listened” for the year.

Spotify promises that this year’s Wrapped will deliver the following:

  • Your Top Songs 2021
  • Your Artists Revealed
  • Top Tracks & Artists of 2021
  • Best New Podcasts of 2021
  • Best Episodes of 2021
  • The Best of 2021
  • A Look Back at 2021

Other features of Spotify Wrapped 2021 include:

  • 2021: The Movie – This feature combines your top songs with classic scenes from a movie.
  • Your Audio Aura – A feature that creates an aura for you (a mystic can read that) based on your top two music moods. You can read Spotify’s detailed explanation too.
  • Playing Cards – An interactive game that involves random statements about your listening this year, and you’ll have to guess which ones are correct. We suspect this is just a way to teach its content recommendation engine.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 screenshots

How to View Your Spotify Wrapped 2021

To view your Spotify Wrapped 2021 collection, you will have to use its Android or iPhone app. This feature is not available on the web.

Step 1: Simply open the Spotify app on your iPhone, and you should see a banner to view your ‘2021 Wrapped.’ Alternatively, look for the “Wrapped 2021” card from the Search tab in Spotify.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘See how you listened in 2021’ card to view your 2021 wrap.

Step 3: The 2021 Wrap will be displayed in a Stories-like format, with the option of sharing each story on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

At the end of the wrap, Spotify will also show you different versions of a poster with your top artists, songs, genre, and minutes you have spent listening to songs that you can then share as a story on Instagram or Twitter with your friends. This year, Spotify has added support for sharing your playlists to TikTok as well.

To view Spotify Wrapped 2021, that’s based on the listening habits of all Spotify users, simply open this link.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 2

Apple does not offer anything similar to Spotify Wrapped, but there’s a way via which you can find the top songs you have listened to in a year. The list is available all year round.