How to block ads on your iPhone or iPad with Content Blockers in iOS 9

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Sep 2015

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With iOS 9, Apple is making content blocking mainstream. This will allow iPhone and iPad owners running iOS 9 to block ads, javascript, pop ups, and more in Safari for a better web experience.

Now, since content blocking will also end up blocking ads on websites, it will hurt the revenue of most publications (including us). So, it is recommend that you use a content blocker that allows you to whitelist your favorite websites, so that you don’t hurt their revenues.

Also note that not all iOS devices out there support content blocking. Only the iPhones released since the iPhone 5s in 2012, and the iPad Air(s) and iPad mini 2/3/4 support this feature.

So, how do you use the new content blocking feature in Safari on iOS 9? Read below to find out.

Step 1: Head over to the App Store and download a content blocker of your choice. We have listed a few of them for you below:

Step 2: Once you have installed a content blocker of your choice, head over to Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers and enable the blocker you just installed.

Enable Content Blocking in iOS 9

And that’s it! You can now browse the web on Safari without any ads and pop ups for a better experience. You can also open the content blocker app to see if they offer any kind of advanced blocking options or not.

Do you plans to use Content Blockers in iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad? Drop in a comment below and let us know!