How to Use the Reminders App on your Apple Watch to Stop Forgetting Things You Need to Do

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 13 Oct 2016


I’m the forgetful kind. It’s the simple things like buying trivial items that gets me the most. I try to use apps and tools to help me with that. After upgrading to watchOS 3, I’ve found that the best way to do that, for me, is to use the new Reminders app and the new watch face complication.

If you’d also like to use your Apple Watch to help you remind you about things, or stay on top of tasks, read on for setting up the best workflow.

How to Use Siri To Record Reminders


There’s no way to add reminders directly in the app on the Watch other than using Siri. But doing that with Siri is amazing. Just press and hold the Digital Crown and say something like “Remind me to buy milk tomorrow at 10 AM”. The reminder will be recorded. And you’ll get a notification about it at the proper time that you can then dismiss or snooze.

You can also record reminders using the Reminders app on the iPhone.

How to Use Reminders Watch App To Browse Tasks

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that there’s no Notes app on the Apple Watch. It would be so useful to read Notes or checklists on the Watch.

The way I’m currently getting around it is by using Reminders app for task lists. Things like grocery lists and more.

Thanks to watchOS 3, using the Reminders app is actually quick and not deadly boring.

Press the Digital Crown to get to the app launcher, and from there select the Reminders app.


You’ll be able to view all your lists here. If you’ve set up any time bound reminders, they’ll be in the Scheduled list.


How to Add Reminders App To The Dock

If you’re going to be using the Reminders app often, it’s best to add the app to the Dock manually.

When the Reminders app is open, click the Side button. This will bring up the Dock and below a preview of the Reminder app, you’ll see a button called “Keep in Dock“. You can tap and hold the Reminders app to rearrange its position.


Once an app is in the Dock, it’s always running in the background and it launches instantly (for real).

How to Set Up Reminders Complication

Another really good thing about the Reminders app is the complication. I really like seeing the upcoming task on the watch face.

On your watch face, Force Touch the screen, and tap on “Customize“.


Then swipe to the last panel, and tap on a complication to select it. Use the Digital Crown to scroll till you find the Reminders complication. Click the Digital Crown to confirm.

I personally like the wide bottom complication for Reminders in Utility and Activity Analog watch faces.


Hope That Helps

You can of course use third party to do list apps like Todoist, but I like using Reminders because of the integration with Siri. Just makes things so much easier.

If you’re just upgraded to watchOS 3, you’re going to want to read up on our guides. There’s just so many changes (for the good).

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