iMovie Update Now Helps You Create Catchy Videos for Social Media Sharing

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 12 Apr 2022


Today Apple released the updated version of the iMovie app for iPhone and iPad. The update brings two new features called “Storyboards” and “Magic Movie.”

iMovie 3.0 is a significant update in terms of the features it packs. Apple explains that the new Magic Movie feature can be used to automatically generate a video clip using photographs and video clips that the user selects. The final output is a complete video ready to go online, replete with background music, effects, and transitions between clips.

The other highlight in the changelog for iMovie 3.0 is a feature Apple calls Storyboards. It allows users to “improve their storytelling skills” using a set of readymade templates for videos shared on social media. Templates cater to a variety of content genres, including DIY videos, product reviews, cooking tutorials, etc. The changelog explains that users will be able to add, reorder, and group video shots on the Storyboard. The tool will also give users helpful tips for each type of Storyboard.

You can even import Storyboards and Magic Movie projects on iMovie for Mac and continue developing projects from where you left off on your iPhone or iPad.

Other notable features of iMovie 3.0 mentioned in the changelog are:

  • Enhance your Magic Movie or Storyboard video with 20 dynamic styles that include title layouts, fonts, filters, color palettes, and music
  • Go further by editing clips with tools like trim, split, and clip speed.
  • Apply title treatments, record voiceover narration, or adjust the depth-of-field effect in Cinematic mode video clips* to further customize your videos
  • Import Magic Movie and Storyboard projects into a timeline in iMovie for Mac or Final Cut Pro to take your project further
  • Save Magic Movie and Storyboard videos to your Photos library, send to friends and family via Messages or Mail, or share with your followers on social media

You can use all the new iMovie features on devices running iOS 15.2 or more recent versions or iPadOS 15.2 and newer versions. The app’s attest features are included in the free update available on the App Store.

Additionally, Apple has updated Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and Motion apps on Mac. The updates optimize performance for newer devices such as the Mac Studio.

What do you plan to do with the new features in iMovie 3.0? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Via Apple]