Intel Mocks Apple Again, Says ‘PCs Offer Better Gaming Experience Than 100% of Macs’

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 31 May 2021

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Intel’s back at it again. During the launch of its latest 11th Generation H-series processors, Intel mocked Apple by saying that the Intel-based PCs offer a better gaming experience than all of the Mac laptops.

Intel announced two 11th-Gen. H-series processors yesterday. The chips offer clock speeds up to 5Ghz, support for WiFi 6/6E, 1080p gameplay on popular titles, and more. After the announcement, Intel held a separate press briefing wherein the company’s executive Ryan Shrout said that Apple Macs offer a poor gaming experience.

intel slide games not supported on mac

First, the company highlighted that most of today’s popular games are not available on macOS. And even if you run it via third-party emulation software, like Parallels, it runs poorly — citing a popular title “Valheim.” Intel further built on this claim by showing a chart comparing games running on a 16-inch Intel-based MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU and a PC with Core i5 11400H processor with a GeForce RTX 3060 GPU.

PC Gamer’s Alan Dexter asked Shrout during the briefing that if Intel was “burning its bridges with Apple.” To this, Shrout responded that “Apple has been very public about moving to its own silicon” and that “it is now a competitor,” defending Intel’s aggressive marketing campaign against Apple.

Intel has been mocking Apple ever since the announcement of custom Apple Silicon chips. In March, the company hired Justin Long for the “I’m a Mac” ad to mock Apple’s M1 Macs. Later that month, the company launched a dedicated website showcasing a detailed comparison between M1 Macs and Intel chip-based laptops.

Humorously, Intel launched an ad campaign to mock Apple by showcasing its processor as “World’s Best Processor,” however, the company made fun of itself as the ad ended up showing a MacBook Pro.

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