watchOS 3 — Everything You Need to Know!

BY Jason

Published 9 Sep 2016

watchOS 3 Featured image

In its third iteration, watchOS 3 finally gets the key elements of the watchOS right. It’s now designed for quick interactions and is fast enough that you won’t abandon the task mid way. There’s a new interface. Glances are gone, replaced with the Dock. The Dock holds your favorite apps and keeps them running in the background so they’re always ready to go. No more watching the loading GIF for 15 seconds before the Uber app finally opens up.

You can now also swipe between watch faces. And there are 3 new watch faces – Minnie Mouse, Activity and Numerals. All of them are uber cool. watchOS has as increased focus on health and wellness. The redesigned Workout app and the new Breathe mindfulness apps make that clear. In many ways, watchOS 3 is what Apple Watch always should have shipped with. Which means if you’ve ever wanted to get the smart watch but couldn’t stand the thought of slow loading apps, now is the perfect time to jump in.

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