Leaked iPad 3 Rear Casing Reveals It Will be 0.8 mm Thicker Than iPad 2

BY Yatri

Published 29 Feb 2012

Rumors abound on the thickness of the upcoming iPad 3, but a picture has popped up that uses digital calipers to measure the thickness over at Apple.pro.

Many rumors have claimed that the iPad 3 will be thicker than the iPad 2 and offer a tapered back plate. However, there have been other rumors which claim that the new device will have a thinner profile. Apple.pro seems to have access to an image that measures both the iPad 2 and what appears to be the new iPad 3 with a digital caliper.

iPad 2 and iPad 3 Caliper Measurements

The text added to the image is not accurate; the numbers are off by a factor of ten. The caliper read-outs themselves are accurate, however, and measure the iPad 2 thickness at 8.69 mm, even thinner than Apple’s own measurements which state that the device is 8.8 mm thick. What appears to be the iPad 3 on the right-hand side of the image measures in at 9.5 mm, a scant 0.81 mm thicker than the predecessor.

As MacRumors points out, this is an overall increase of 9% in thickness, but it’s still nowhere near the original iPad’s 13.4 mm profile. And, if the device has tapering ends, there’s a chance it will still feel sleeker than the current iPad 2 despite the increase in bulk.

[Apple.pro (translated here by Google), original photo from Photobucket via MacRumors]