This Crazy iPhone 12 Concept Envisions Six Rear-Facing Cameras, Screens on the Sides

BY Asif Shaik

Published 9 Mar 2020

Apple iPhone 12 Concept

Apple will launch the iPhone 12 family later this year, and the company is expected to bring a design change and add more cameras to the phones. Until that happens, have a look at this crazy iPhone 12 concept that crams in as many features as one could think of, including six cameras on the rear and no notch.

While we are expecting a quad-camera setup on the iPhone 12 Pro’s rear, this new iPhone 12 concept shows us how a smartphone from Apple would look like if it had as many as six rear-facing cameras. It also shows a 3D ToF sensor and a periscope-style optical zoom lens and a multi-LED flash.

At the front, the concept shows us a mostly bezel-less screen, with the front-facing cameras towards the top edge of the phone. The display continues towards the sides of the phone, replacing the metal sides. Those screen-laden edges also show shortcuts and can also be used to change the media and ringer volume. There’s also a small screen at the top of the phone along with a Face ID camera. The power button also integrates a fingerprint reader, similar to the new MacBook Pro.

The bottom of the phone features a large loudspeaker. However, it lacks any kind of charging port, which means that it relies on wireless charging for its power top-up needs. It appears that the iPhone 12 concept is based on the rumors of the button-less and port-less iPhone that surfaced last year. Finally, there appears to be an RGB-backlit Apple logo at the phone’s rear, something that we all have imagined at least once.

Our Take

While the concept looks cool, we know that Apple won’t release button-less and port-less iPhone anytime soon. Moreover, it’s still early for a hexa-camera setup and the no-notch screen to appear on iPhones. Coming to the curved screen, we don’t think it will ever happen as such designs lack practical utility. Yes, we all want the RGB goodness in the Apple logo on the iPhone’s rear, but we think if Apple ever decides the illuminate it, it will be in white.

Which features do you think future iPhones should come with? Let us know your ideas and thoughts via comments.