iPhone 12 Will Display a Warning if Non-Genuine Camera Part Is Used

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 27 Jan 2021

iPhone 12 iOS 14 Non-genuine camera warning

Following the release of iOS 14.4, Apple has also issued a new support document highlighting the importance of using genuine camera components during iPhone repair. The company says it is important one gets their iPhone camera repaired from certified technicians who use genuine Apple camera parts.

Using a non-genuine camera part can lead to a host of issues including poor auto-focus performance, Portrait mode not working, and more. They could also lead to poor image quality and compromise overall device safety. It also notes that iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro owners can see an “Important Camera Message” if the camera sensor on their device cannot be verified. This new warning was first reported by iFixit back in mid-January after the release of iOS 14.4 beta 2.

The iPhone camera is engineered together with iOS software for optimal performance and quality. A nongenuine camera might cause compatibility or performance issues. For example, an issue might arise after an iOS software update that contains camera updates or new camera features.

Interestingly, Apple does note that this message does not affect one’s ability to use their iPhone or its camera. This is not the first time that Apple will be displaying such a message for using non-genuine parts on iPhones. The company previously disabled Touch ID on iPhones in which the display was changed to a non-authorized one. On the iPhone 11 series, a similar warning message is displayed if a non-genuine display is used, even when a display from another iPhone is used.

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[Via MacRumors]