iPhone 12 Does Not Ship With Charger or Earphones in The Box; Removed from iPhone 11, iPhone SE Box Too

BY Asif Shaik

Published 13 Oct 2020

The Apple Watch Series 6 was launched last month, and during the launch, the company had announced that it will not ship a charging adapter with any of its smartwatches going further. The Apple Watch became the first product from Apple to skip on bundling a charging adapter in the box. The company is now taking the same approach for iPhones.

Apple has announced that the iPhone 12 series smartphones, which were unveiled today, won’t come bundled with a charging adapter in the box. That is not all. The company has also announced that going further, no iPhone will ship with EarPods. It means that not only the iPhone 12 series smartphones but also all other iPhones that are on sale will come without a charging adapter and EarPods.

The brand says that it has taken this step to reduce the carbon footprint. According to Apple, shipping iPhones without a charging adapter and EarPods will save a carbon footprint equivalent to pollution generated from 460,000 cars per year. Another reason that Apple says has motivated it to skip on a charging adapter and an EarPods is that most people already have a charging adapter at home and they have shifted to AirPods or wireless earphones from other brands.

Anyway, all new iPhones will still come with a charging cable, but they will be USB Type-C to Lightning cables rather than USB Type-A to Lightning cables. But there is no news as to which cable the older iPhones would come with. Removing a charging adapter or EarPods from the retail boxes will also make those boxes much smaller, which, according to Apple, cuts down on carbon footprint even further.

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