iPhone 12 Not Working with Some Qi Wireless Chargers

BY Asif Shaik

Published 5 Nov 2020

The newly-launched iPhone 12 series smartphones feature Qi wireless charging, just like their predecessors. Any Qi-compatible smartphone should be able to take charge from a Qi wireless charger. However, many users on Reddit are reporting that their existing Qi wireless chargers are not able to charge their new iPhone 12. 

The iPhone 12 series smartphones come with MagSafe. It is an accessory mounting system; it uses magnets to keep the compatible accessories attached to the device. Thanks to it, one can now buy a wireless charger that will stick to your smartphone even when the device is picked up and being used.

However, the magnets and other components of MagSafe are placed around the wireless charging coil of the iPhone 12. And this could be interfering with the wireless charging mechanism of the smartphone. Which is why the new iPhones might not be taking charge from Qi wireless chargers.

According to user reports, these wireless chargers are able to charge their older iPhone models perfectly fine but not the iPhone 12. So, it seems like the issue is related to the iPhone 12 models rather than the chargers. However, not all chargers seem to be incompatible with the iPhone 12 series.

Going by the user reports, the Zens Liberty, Mophie Charge Stream Pad+, Nomad Base Station Stand, Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand, and the Anker Wireless Charger are a few wireless chargers that are having issues charging the new iPhones. Whereas, some other wireless chargers are working just fine with iPhone 12.

It is worth mentioning that Nomad has pushed a software update to the Base Station, which fixes the issue. However, not all wireless chargers can be updated with a new firmware. Some users are also reporting that restarting the phone and placing the new iPhones in a specific position on the wireless charger is resolving the issue.

Not everyone would want to buy a new, compatible wireless charger for their iPhone 12. Some might want to use their existing wireless chargers, especially when you consider that only the newer MagSafe-compatible chargers are capable of charging the iPhone 12 series at 15W.

Apple hasn’t issued a statement regarding the issue yet. However, since this seems to be a widespread and concerting issue considering that it will render many existing wireless chargers useless for many iPhone 12 users, Apple could put out a statement soon. Hopefully, this is just a software issue and can be fixed with an iOS update.

Whatever the case, it is something that you should keep in mind while purchasing the iPhone 12.

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