Woman Orders iPhone 12 Pro Max, Receives Apple Flavored Yogurt Instead

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 26 Feb 2021

order iphone 12 pro max apple flavoured yogurt

A woman in China was left disappointed when she opened the box for her order of iPhone 12 Pro Max. Opening the box revealed that the iPhone has been swapped with an apple-flavored yogurt drink.

In a video uploaded to Weibo last week, a China-based woman Liu explained that she spent over $1500 to buy the newly introduced iPhone 12 Pro Max. The woman claims that she had bought the iPhone through Apple’s official website, and not a third-party reseller. Opening up the box left her shocked as someone had swapped the iPhone with a yogurt drink.

Liu explained that she did not receive the parcel directly, but opted for delivery to her parcel locker in her residence. This is where it becomes interesting as the official courier – Express Mail Service — and both Apple claim that they delivered an iPhone. But Liu says that she hasn’t received it. The case has been registered with the local police, and the case has been deemed as a theft but no one knows when the swap occurred.

Global Times has since reported that the Express Mail Service has hired special people to deal with the case, and the investigation is still going on. Apple also gave a similar response to Global Times’ inquiry saying that an official investigation is in place, and the case would be resolved soon.

Our Take

Due to the natural perception of Apple devices being premium (and thereby costly), cases of Apple device theft are increasing day by day. Late last year, Amazon employees were arrested for stealing half a million dollars worth of iPhones. A pair of mother and son were also arrested last year for swapping fake iPhones at Apple Store.