iPhone 12 Pro Max Leak Details Thinner Bezels, Smaller Notch, Smart Connector, More

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Apr 2020

iPhone 12 Pro Max CAD render

YouTuber EverythingApplePro has leaked the design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max which is rumored to be the flagship iPhone model for 2020. The design of the iPhone 12 Pro is an amalgamation of the iPhone 11 Pro’s rear and the iPad Pro chassis design.

The original source of the leak says that the design CAD is “70% accurate,” with some attributes like the camera layout and the size of the notch not being accurate. YouTuber EverythingApple Pro has 3D printed the CAD design to report more details about the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The device will seemingly be 7.4mm thick making it thinner than the 8.1mm iPhone 11 Pro Max. More importantly perhaps, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will feature 0.9mm thinner display bezels which should give the display a more edge-to-edge feeling. This will also help Apple include a bigger 6.7-inch display on the device without increasing its overall dimensions by a sizeable margin.

As for the camera hump at the rear, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a slightly bigger and larger camera hump that will be a proper square unlike the elongated design seen on the iPhone 11/Pro series. Apple is rumored to use larger camera sensors on the iPhone 12 lineup and the camera hump on the iPhone 12 Pro Max will jut out more from its body. The camera hump’s design will be similar to the 2020 iPad Pro and not like what we have seen on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple will seemingly be moving all the physical buttons lower down the body on the iPhone 12 Pro Max which makes sense as it would make them easier to reach. The leak also claims that the notch on the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be slightly larger than the notch found on the OnePlus 6 and its curvature will also change. If true, this would mean a sizeable reduction in the size of the notch that should please all notch-haters out there.

The glass on the iPhone 12 Pro Max will also be completely flat at the front and back unlike the curved edges seen on the iPhone 11 Pro lineup. The antenna bands will also be getting wider possibly to help with 5G reception and faster download speeds.

Interestingly, the leak also claims that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will feature a Smart Connector, though it will be slightly different from the one seen on the iPad Pro lineup as it will be slightly shorter. It is unclear why Apple would be looking to add a Smart Connector to the iPad Pro. The speakers on the iPhone 12 Pro will also be around 10-15% louder and offer a better dynamic range. Sadly, Apple will also continue to use a Lightning connector on the iPhone 12 Pro instead of USB-C. Apple is also testing two different Navy Blue color options for the iPhone 12 Pro and it aims to replace the Midnight Green color with it.

Apple is also looking to expand support for its upcoming CarKey feature to more car manufacturers including Tesla, though the latter has not yet given its nod for the feature.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 12 Pro Max based on the above leaks? The device is shaping up to be a nice upgrade over the existing iPhone 11 Pro lineup, particularly in the design department.