Report: iPhone 12 Pro Max is the ‘Most Popular 5G Smartphone’ in the United States

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 17 Feb 2021

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most popular 5G smartphone in 49 states, out of a total 50 states in the US, claims a new report. The report is based on the data provided by the popular internet speed test firm Ookla.

A new report from PC Mag claims iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most popular smartphone in the 49 states in the United States. In the 50th state, you might be wondering, iPhone 12 Pro topped the list. In fact, iPhone 12 made the top 3 5G smartphones in all the 50 states. The study was conducted on 33 5G smartphones available in the US.

iPhone 12 series has picked up since the launch. It has become the most popular 5G smartphone within six months since its launch. Data was provided by Ookla and a research firm M Science suggests that the trend is in line with the recent years, though it suggests something we, and Apple too, didn’t expect.

First, the study has revealed the most popular 5G smartphone is the largest of the iPhone 12 series. This is in fact strange because Apple introduced a smaller iPhone, iPhone 12 mini, with the iPhone 12 lineup, that too, with a smaller price tag. It was initially expected to become a popular smartphone of the iPhone 12 series, but the sales have suggested otherwise. iPhone 12 mini accounted for only 5% of total iPhone sales in January 2021.

The study also suggests that people prefer a phone with a large display size, that is, the iPhone 12 Pro Max in this case. Despite having a hefty price tag of $1099 for the base model, iPhone 12 Pro Max sales have been better than the forecasts. Apple is also expected to be shifting some of the iPhone 12 mini production to iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max production due to the unexpectedly high demand. Despite sluggish sales of the iPhone 12 mini, Apple is expected to go ahead with iPhone 13 mini this year.

Have you picked up any iPhone 12 series smartphone yet? Which iPhone 12 smartphone would you like to own? Will the ‘5G’ factor affect your smartphone buying decision? Do let us know in the comment section below!