iPhone 12 Owners Report Network and Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Dec 2020

iPhone 12 front

A number of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro owners continue to report network connectivity and Bluetooth issues with their device despite multiple iOS updates from Apple aimed at solving the issue.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro owners are experiencing their iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro to suddenly drop 4G or 5G network connection. The device does not connect to the network again automatically and users need to toggle enable/disable Airplane mode to get the device to connect to the network again. The issue primarily happens when users are on the move and the iPhone has to switch network towers. Other users report that if their device stays in a dead network spot for more than a minute, it would then stop trying to connect to the mobile network altogether.

Iphone 12 pro iPhone not activated. I am able to replicate it over and over again at work. There is a dead spot in the paint booth I work in. When it loses signal for more than a minute it will not try to find the signal again. It just lays down and has the 4 dots at top and a pop up displays IPhone not activated I can restart it with airplane mode. As long as I stay away from no signal areas it not do this. The phone is supposed to be smart enough to begin searching for a signal by it self again. When I get this problem I can go into a high signal area and stills just lays there never trying to reconnect by it self. Flip the airplane switch and wala reconnects every time. This has to be a software problem. I know it’s a real problem for me.

Apart from network issues, many iPhone 12 owners are also facing Bluetooth issues with their unit as it would simply refuse to connect or see other Bluetooth devices.

I am having Bluetooth connection issues with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I could not been able to connect my iPhone to my headphones. (Denon AH-GC30). My iPhone does not see my headphones. Below what i did before asking this question.

I checked my headphones with my iPhone 7 plus – It works.

I checked my headphones with my Macbook Pro – It works.

Then i checked Bluetooth versions – both iPhone 12 Pro Max and my Headphones support version 5.

Lastly – i restarted my iPhone, updated to last version of iOS, reset network settings, but Bluetooth of my iPhone Does not see my Headphones.

What is wrong with it? Why such expensive phone, do not see my headphones, but my old iPhone does? Both have the same iOS 14.2.1.

Both issues are happening to iPhone and iPhone 12 Pro owners running iOS 14.2.1, the latest release of iOS from Apple that specifically fixed some bugs on the iPhone 12 series.

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