iPhone 12 vs Original 2007 iPhone Speed Test Comparison

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 25 Jun 2021

2007 original iPhone vs 2020 iPhone 12 speed test

We’ve come a long way since Steve Jobs took the stage in January 2007 and unveiled the first-ever iPhone to the world. We had no idea what was coming our way, and that day still plays an important role in our lives. But, in reality, how fast is the latest iPhone 12 in comparison to the original 2007 iPhone?

2007 iPhone vs iPhone 12 Speed Test

YouTuber PhoneBuff ran a speed test comparing the original 2007 iPhone and the latest iPhone 12. And even though the comparison sounds silly, it showcases how much technology has evolved over the years. When comparing the original iPhone with the iPhone 12, just on the spec sheet too, iPhone 12 has 6 times the number of cores the 2007 iPhone had, and each core is 7 times faster.

Along with the faster CPU, iPhone 12 also has 32 times the RAM 2007 iPhone had, 16 times more storage, and also 19 times more pixels than the first iPhone.

iphone 2007 vs iphone 12 spec sheet

Of course, iPhone 12 was able to beat the original iPhone with ease but it was interesting to see a working 2007 iPhone. As noted by PhoneBuff, the original iPhone can’t run high-performance apps, so the test was limited to basic tasks like searching an image on Google via Safari, capturing a photo via the Camera app, performing addition on Calculator, and others.

iPhone 12 was done with the test even before 2007 iPhone was able to complete one round. PhoneBuff, in the video, also says that he had to manually change the robot’s speed to match up with the original iPhone’s speed.

Barring the slowness of the original iPhone, it is interesting to see how Apple has kept the same design language since its introduction. What are your thoughts on the speed test? Did you own the original iPhone? Let us know in the comments section down below!