iPhone 14 Pro Max Beats Google Pixel 7 Pro in Battery Test

BY Dave Johnson

Published 10 Nov 2022

Battery test

A popular YouTube tech review channel recently pitted the iPhone 14 Pro Max against the Google Pixel 7 Pro in a battery test. The result is quite surprising. 

The Pixel 7 Pro comes with the Tensor G2 chip, which Google says consumes less power. When you combine that with the massive 5,000 mAh battery, the Pixel phone seems to have an advantage over the iPhone. 

But it’s not as clear-cut as you might imagine. 

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a power-efficient 4 nanometer A16 Bionic chip, which Apple says consumes one-third less power than rivals. 

But how does the chipset’s efficiency translate to higher battery life? More importantly, how does the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 4,323 mAh compare to Google’s Pixel 7 Pro? 

These are the questions that tech reviewer, PhoneBuff sought to answer in a battery test. Let’s jump right in. 

Battery Test: iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Google Pixel 7 Pro

Here’s a breakdown of the test. 

Phone Call Test

The reviewer placed the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Google Pixel 7 Pro within equal distance of a mini cell tower. Also, both devices had constant audio playing back through the earpieces. 

After roughly an hour of testing, the reviewer noted a slight drop to 98 percent in the iPhone’s battery life. Meanwhile, the Google Pixel reduced to slightly more than 97 percent. 

Automated Chat Bot Test

For this part, the reviewer used an automated chat robot to type and send messages on both devices for 60 minutes. 

According to PhoneBuff, the iPhone expended an estimated 289 mAh of its battery for the messaging task. On the other hand, the Google Pixel used a whopping 400 mAh to complete the same job. 

At the end of this test, the iPhone’s battery performed slightly better, dropping to 92 percent compared to the Pixel’s 89 percent.

The Browser and Instagram Test

The reviewer loaded up and scrolled through the same website on the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The test also involved scrolling through Instagram feed to see how the devices’ adaptive refresh rate can impact battery life. 

Again, the iPhone performed significantly better than the Pixel phone. After 60 minutes of browser scrolling and another 60 minutes on Instagram, the Google Pixel 7 Pro had 64 percent battery. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery was 73 percent. 

16-Hour Stand-By Test

Both devices dropped by only 8 points after 16 hours of standby. 

Other Tests

The reviewers binged YouTube videos for 60 minutes to compare how video streaming impacts both devices’ battery life. While the iPhone performed better than the Pixel, the difference was a single point. 

The reviewers also performed gaming, Maps, Spotify, and Snapchat tests, in which the iPhone outperformed the Google Pixel. Indeed, the iPhone was at 21 percent at the point at which the Pixel Pro died. 

Watch the full video here: