Some iPhone 5s users reporting major issues with Touch ID after upgrading to iOS 7.1

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 12 Mar 2014


Apple released iOS 7.1 on Monday with a number of new features, improvements, refinements and bug fixes.

In the release notes, Apple had mentioned that it had improved Touch ID performance. However, according to some iPhone 5s users things have got worse after upgrading to iOS 7.1.

We were first alerted of the issue by Julian, one of our readers, but on searching for the issue on Google, it looks like some users are facing the problem according to this Apple discussion thread.

iPhone 5s users are reporting that after upgrading to iOS 7.1, Touch ID has stopped working. They’re reporting that placing their finger on the Home button doesn’t unlock the device, thus forcing them to use the passcode to unlock their device. Rebooting the device, disabling and re-enabling Touch ID also doesn’t seem to be fixing the issue. User All8867 on the Apple Discussion thread reports:

After installing iOS 7.1 Touch ID stopped working. When I put my finger on the sensor nothing happens.

I already tried rebooting and switching Touch ID on and off. None of that seemed to work. Is there anyone else experiencing similar problems?

To make matters worse, users are reporting that the most common workaround to fix Touch ID related issues, which is to delete the fingerprint and add it again also does not work, as the fingerprint recognition does not work during the setup process.

Right now I’m trying to set up a new fingerbrint but it doesnt even start scanning when I put my finger on. It just doesnt do anything. I have a feeling that the sensor might be broken…

One user even tried to restore the device, but that didn’t help in resolving the problem. It seems as if Touch ID sensor is broken after upgrading to iOS 7.1.

Last week, a report claimed that Apple was working with the oringal Authentec team to improve Touch ID performance. The fingerprint recognition feature was introduced last year after acquiring AuthenTec in 2012. The report had suggested that Apple was working on a fix for the “fade” issue that was reported by several iPhone 5s users. The feature got positive reviews when it was launched, but a number of iPhone 5s users have complained that the fingerprint sensor fails to recognise on the first attempt after sometime.

Based on the number of page views and number of replies to that thread, it doesn’t seem like the iOS 7.1 issue is affecting all users. App Advice’s Brian Wolfe faced a similar issue, and plans to take his iPhone 5s to an Apple Store to get it fixed. We will closely monitor the situation, and let you know if we have any further updates.

Are you facing problems with Touch ID after upgrading to iOS 7.1? Please share your experience in the comments below.