Some iPhone 5s users reporting problems with Touch ID fingerprint sensor

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 6 Nov 2013


Touch ID is one of my favorite features of the iPhone 5s. I am so used to it that I find it a pain to unlock my iPad Air using the passcode. It just works.

But according to Business Insider,  it is not working as well for some users.

Some iPhone 5s users are complaining on Apple Support Communities and Twitter that they’re forced to rescan their finger as Touch ID doesn’t recognize .

Dreanmachine1, Apple Support Communities user complains:

Wife and I got iPhone 5s units at the same time.  She has had hit and miss success with touch ID.  I am golden with mine, and also hers when I put a finger into her phone data.  She is frustrated, and will delete fingerprints and resestablish on her phone.  Her finger scan will work for a few times, and then it gets to be like it doesn’t recognize her finger (left thumb or right thumb).   Is anybody else having some issues like this?

The discussion thread has over 200 replies and has been viewed by few thousand people, which indicates that the issue is not as widespread so far, but definitely affecting quite a few users (a major issue generally results in thousands of replies).

As I mentioned earlier, it works flawlessly when it comes to unlocking my iPhone 5s. The iTunes functionality however doesn’t work very well, I’m regularly prompted to reenter the password every once in a while when I try to buy an app etc., which is quite annoying as it defeats the purpose of adding the feature.

If you’re having problems then you should upgrade to iOS 7.0.3, and reconfigure Touch ID as we had suggested earlier, it seems to have helped some users.

Let me know what has been your experience with Touch ID in the comments below.

[Via Business Insider]