Apple Showcases iPhone Filmmaking Techniques in New Video

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 26 Jul 2021

shot on iphone filmmaking tech

Apple has uploaded a new “Shot on iPhone” video on its YouTube channel showcasing various “filmmaking techniques” with the new iPhone 12 series.

In the video, the narrator says that Apple is trying to teach people to make their iPhone videos “more cinematic.” They’re encouraging people to go out, shoot videos, and inspire creativity within themselves.

In the first “lesson,” the videographers are shown making a movie with the iPhone’s ultrawide camera. In the movie, a kid is shown as a “monster” scaring a man. The movie makes the kid look like a “monster” as he’s close to the iPhone 12’s ultra-wide camera and the person being scared is a few feet away.

The first lesson makes use of a technique called “forced perspective.” A narrator explains that when shooting a video using the ultra-wide lens, even a few feet of distance can make the subject look big or small.

In the second “lesson,” Apple showcases the slo-mo video of the iPhone. The subject, a ballerina, does a normal spin shot while the iPhone lands on a pillow with glitter sprinkling in front of it. The video is shot using the main sensor of the iPhone in slo-mo mode. The final video comes out looking like a big-budget Hollywood shot, though the whole video has been shot in a garage with only three people involved.

In the last and third “lesson,” Apple demos iPhone’s filmmaking techniques using different lighting effects that give a cinematic feel to the video.

Interestingly, Apple doesn’t use any kind of filmmaking or video editing apps to showcase iPhone’s video shooting capability. Everything shown is shot only through the iPhone’s stock camera app and edited through iOS’ default Photos app.

Do you shoot videos on your iPhone? What are your thoughts on iPhone’s video shooting capabilities? Let us know in the comments section below!