iTunes Connect is now App Store Connect

BY Evan Selleck

Published 6 Jun 2018

Apple isn’t afraid to rebrand things, even if it doesn’t do it as often as some other companies.

The latest change is iTunes Connect, which is no longer actually called that. Apple made the change to App Store Connect today, June 6. This change happens during the week of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, so it is probably not a coincidence. The app itself isn’t changing, of course, and will still give developers the means to manage apps, respond to reviews, and more.

Here is how Apple announced the change today:

“For app developers and their teams, iTunes Connect is now called App Store Connect. And with the new App Store Connect app, it’s even easier to manage your apps, view trends, respond to reviews, and reply to active Resolution Center issues, all on your iOS device. You can also receive push notifications for changes in your app status and new customer reviews.”

The App Store Connect service allows developers to manage their sales numbers, keep track of applicants, access crucial app analytics, and much more. It has become a powerful tool for developers over the years, and while Apple is changing the name, it’s good the usefulness isn’t changing.

In fact, there are new features coming down the pipe, as outlined on the official App Store Connect website:

“You’ll soon be able to invite anyone to beta test your app in TestFlight by simply sharing a link, take advantage of simplified team access, use a new REST API to automate tasks, and much more.”

It’s a minor change, but a change nonetheless. If you’re a developer, how do you like the App Store Connect app?


  • App Store Connect — Free
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