Leaked Image Shows iPhone 12’s Smaller Notch and iOS 14’s Home Screen Widget

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Apr 2020

New image glyphs presumably found in an internal build of iOS 14 add further credence to rumors of the 2020 5G iPhone 12 lineup shipping with a smaller notch. The glyphs also confirm home screen widgets on the iPhone’s home screen in iOS 14.

Just yesterday, a leak had claimed that the 2020 iPhone lineup would ship with a smaller notch, though the reduction in size was unclear. The leaked image glyph confirms that and points to Apple reducing the size of the notch by almost 30-40% on its iPhone 12 lineup this year. The image also shows the LiDAR scanner at the rear of the device as previously rumored.

Apple is expected to debut a new design language with the iPhone 12 series this year and this could have possibly allowed the company to move a few things around, reduce the size of some components, etc. thereby allowing for a potential reduction in the size of the dreaded notch.

iPhone 12 smaller notch

Apple first debuted the notch with the iPhone X in 2017. It has since then been widely hated by many, though it is a necessity since the space is occupied by the TrueDepth camera system required for Face ID.

Another leaked image points to iOS 14 home screen featuring widgets alongside app icons. It has been previously reported that Apple plans to include home screen widget support in iOS 14 alongside adding a list view for installed apps. This would help improve the information density of the iOS home screen and make it more useful. It is already possible in iPadOS 13 to have home screen widgets alongside app icons.

Are you looking forward to the iPhone 12 lineup shipping with a smaller notch? Or are you more excited about iOS 14 shipping with home screen widget support?

[Via @Choco_bit]