Netflix for iPhone Will Soon Let You Watch Partially Downloaded Shows

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 28 Jun 2021

Netflix Logo

Netflix has introduced a new feature that lets you watch partially downloaded content. The feature has debuted on Android, and Netflix will start testing the same for iOS users “in the coming months.”

Watch Netflix Movies and Shows While Downloading

Netflix’s offline viewing feature is a savior if you are living in an area with crippled connectivity. The feature also comes in handy when you want to watch movies or web shows on the flight. Netflix has now added a new feature that lets you view partially downloaded content when offline. This way, you can watch a TV show or movie even if its download is not yet complete.

Whether it’s a long flight or an extended commute, downloaded series and movies can make any moment on the go more entertaining. So we know the disappointment when you realize your download never completed because of unreliable wifi or a maxed out data plan.

Netflix says you can atleast watch a part of the content even if the download didn’t finish because of connectivity issues. Furthermore, the app will prompt you to resume the download once you are back online. As mentioned earlier, the feature is currently available on Android and will soon be rolled out for iOS.

Earlier this year, Netflix introduced the Downloads for You feature for Android. Once you opt-in, you need to allocate space. For instance, you can choose between 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB for Netflix recommendations download. Depending on the space allocated, the streaming service will recommend movies and web shows. The download starts only when you are on WiFi. Netflix will “soon” begin testing the Downloads for You feature for iOS.

The streaming giant is seemingly focused on improving offline content, as seen from some of the previously introduced features like Smart Downloads. This feature automatically deletes watched episodes and starts downloading the next one.

[via Netflix]