New iPad Benchmarks Reveals it is as Fast As iPad 2 With 1GHz Processor, Has 1GB RAM

BY Jason

Published 13 Mar 2012

After publishing the first unboxing photos and video of the new iPad, Vietnamese site – has posted results of the benchmarking tests carried out on the new iPad.

The benchmark results reveal some interesting details about the third generation iPad.

1. The new iPad receives a Geekbench score of 756, which suggests that it is only as fast as the iPad 2 (Geekbench Score for iPad 2).

2. It also indicates that the new iPad’s A5X system-on-chip includes a 1GHz dual-core procesor (which explains the similar Geekbench score), which is the same clock speed as iPad 2’s A5 chip.

3. As you can see from the results below, it also confirms that the new iPad indeed has 1GB RAM.

4. As expected, the new iPad comes bundled with iOS 5.1.

Geekbench score of iPad 2

Geekbench score for iPad 2 from Geekbench website

We’re a little disappointed that the new iPad doesn’t come with a faster processor. However, the new iPad’s A5X chip does come with a quad-core graphics processing unit, which Apple says “makes everything you do on iPad feel incredibly responsive”, which is ultimately what we should be looking for in any next generation device.

We’ll also have to wait for a more detailed benchmark test to confirm these results.

Update 1:

We’ve updated the post with more details and a comparison with iPad 2.

Update 2:

We’ve updated the post with the Geekbench scores for iPad 2, which indicates the new iPad is as fast as iPad 2.

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