Ookla Finds T-Mobile’s Cellular Internet Twice as Fast as Rivals, Verizon’s Broadband Fastest

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 18 Jan 2022

Ookla SpeedtestOokla, the company behind Speedtest, has released its latest report on internet speeds in the US. It notes that T-Mobile’s cellular internet was twice as fast as AT&T and Verizon’s while Verizon’s broadband internet was the fastest.

Ookla’s Q4 2021 report for mobile and broadband internet performance in the US went up on January 18. It noted that trends seen through 2021 were continued this quarter. T-Mobile’s mobile network download speed was clocked at 90.65 Mbps. This was twice as fast as AT&T’s 49.25 Mbps median download speed. Verizon was also clocked at a similar speed of 44.67 Mbps. T-Mobile was the fastest and also had the lowest latency and highest consistency.

T-Mobile’s 5G network also asserted dominance over its rivals in speed, availability, and consistency. It posted a median download speed close to 200 Mbps. AT&T and Verizon posted median speeds of 78 and 68 Mbps on 5G.

Ookla Speedtest

The wired broadband offerings from the carriers and other service providers were also evaluated. Ookla found that Verizon topped the category in the US, beating the likes of XFINITY, AT&T, and Cox. The broadband services were assessed using a “Speed Score,” where 80 percent weightage is given to the download speed and the remaining 20 percent to the upload speed.

What has your experience been with T-Mobile and its rivals in the last few months? Are Ookla’s findings an accurate representation of real-world internet speeds? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Via Ookla]