Report: T-Mobile Named Fastest Network in the US

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 24 Aug 2021


Popular PC website PCMag conducted its 12th annual “Fast Mobile Networks” today. Out of the top three network operators, T-Mobile turned out to be the overall winner with the fastest network speeds in the United States.

“It’s T-Mobile’s year at last. The carrier’s new mid-band 5G network is the only nationwide 5G that’s markedly faster than 4G, earning T-Mobile its first-ever PCMag award for America’s fastest mobile network.”

In the test conducted, PCMag’s drivers traveled over 10,000 miles, surveying 30 major US metro areas and six rural regions. The website conducted the tests to measure 5G network coverage and network speeds in the cities. Out of the 30 cities, T-Mobile took a “commanding” lead in 24 cities and rural regions, whereas AT&T won in 8 cities and rural regions and Verizon took lead in only two.

In the tests conducted, T-Mobile was crowned the overall winner with speeds measuring 162.3Mbps. For comparison, the 5G internet surfing speed of AT&T and Verizon came out to be 98.2Mbps and 93.7Mbps, respectively. Verizon led the way in terms of maximum download speeds, with 2216.7Mbps, compared to T-Mobile at 1134.4Mbps and AT&T at 1090.9Mbps.

Adoption of mid-band 5G has been a game changer for T-Mobile. The company has expanded its network coverage throughout the United States in the past year, and it shows in the PCMag’s tests results.

Even in the cities it covers, T-Mobile 5G isn’t everywhere. But it covers enough area in those cities to make a real difference, and coverage is improving every month. This chart shows how often our T-Mobile 5G phone made use of 5G in each of the cities and regions we tested—from 90% of the time in Chicago down to only 36% in New Orleans. (But T-Mobile still won in New Orleans, because 5G is generally sparse there.)

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[Via PCMag]