Redesigned Twitter App With Dedicated Spaces Tab Now Rolling Out for iPhone

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 3 Jun 2021

twitter app redesigned spaces tab iPhone

Just one day ago, we reported that Twitter is working on a redesign of the app with a dedicated Spaces tab. According to a new report from TechCrunch, the company is rolling out the new feature on its iOS app. With the new update, Twitter Spaces gets a dedicated center tab in the bottom navigation bar.

Twitter says that the new tab will be rolling out only for 500 people — those who were a part of the original Spaces beta test. The tab will roll out for all iOS and Android users after the beta test is complete, says Twitter.

Ever since its launch, Spaces has given a tough competition to Clubhouse — the original live-audio feed social media. After its official introduction, Clubhouse opened up for Android in fear of losing the market.

However, there’s one problem with Twitter Spaces right now. Currently, a user only sees an active Space in the top ‘Fleets bar.’ The discovery of upcoming Spaces has been a problem for Twitter users. The new dedicated tab aims to solve this issue. Along with showcasing a ‘detailed’ view of the live Spaces, the new tab will allow users to manage reminders for scheduled Spaces.

Along with the dedicated Spaces tab, Twitter is also launching an ability to join a Space by tapping a user’s profile icon. Twitter says that when a user is hosting a Space, the profile picture will be highlighted with the purple ring. Twitter currently encircles the profile with blue color, which was launched to promote its fleets. Spaces will now enjoy the promotion though.

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