You Can Finally Review Apple’s Apps on the App Store

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Sep 2021

iPhone App Store

Until now, Apple has never allowed iPhone and iPad users to leave reviews for its apps on the App Store. The company has silently changed this, meaning you can now rate Apple’s own apps on the store.

So far, the ratings for Apple’s apps are not really positive. That does make sense since there are much better third-party alternatives to almost all of Apple’s stock apps on the App Store. The number of ratings is pretty less for now, though that should go up as more people realize that they can finally leave a rating for Apple’s apps on its own app store.

The Podcast app has the worst rating of the lot, which again makes sense. There are far better podcasting apps on the App Store compared to Apple’s own offering.

App Store Ratings for Apple Apps

Apple could have made this change to ensure a level playing field with third-party apps and to avoid regulatory actions for this behavior.

After all, if you can leave reviews for third-party apps on the App Store, the same should be possible for Apple’s apps as well. The company not allowing this over the years was definitely anti-competitive and unfair use of its position.

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