How to translate webpages in Safari with Bing Translate extension

BY Jason

Published 27 Sep 2014

Action Extension is an awesome new feature in iOS 8 that lets third-party apps modify the content other apps display. Bing’s iOS app update for iOS 8 adds a cool new translate extension that lets you translate webapges in Safari to your own language.

Here’s how to use Bing to translate webpages in Safari:

  • Download Bing if you don’t have it already from this App Store link, and open it once. If you have it, ensure that you’re on the latest version.
  • Hop back to Safari, and open a webpage that you want to translate.

translate 1

  • Tap on the Share button to bring up iOS 8’s Share sheet.

translate 2

  • The second row of icons contains Action Extensions. Scroll to the right of this row to reveal the More icon, and tap on it.

translate 3

  • You should see a list of available extensions, scroll to the Bing Translate extension, and enable it by turning on the toggle.

transalte 4

  • Now tap on the Bing Translate icon.

translate 5

  • The translation takes some time, and you’ll see a progress bar telling you the progress. (The orange bar at the top.)

translate 6

  • Once the progress bar reaches completion, you should see the webpage translated into your own language.

translate 7

While Bing Translate it great, we hope that Google too releases its own Translate Extension for iOS soon.