Here’s how to see a list of all the songs you’ve asked Siri to identify

BY Jason

Published 25 Oct 2014

Siri icon

Siri gained the ability to identify songs by listening to them in iOS 8. What went relatively unnoticed was that iOS stores a history of all the songs recognised, that you can see.

To see all the songs Siri has identified:

  • Open the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPad, and click on the button on the top right.

siri song 1

  • A new screen will appear. Tap on the “Siri” tab in the segmented control at the top.

siri song 2

  • On tapping the “Siri” button, you’ll see a list of all the songs you’ve identified, with a button next to each song to quickly buy it from iTunes:

siri song 3

  • You can clear the entire list by tapping the Clear button on the top-left. Sadly, you can selectively delete songs.

If you want to know how to recognise songs with Siri, check out our how to:

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