Snapchat for iPhone Gets Improved AR Scan Feature That Can Detect Objects and Suggest Scenes

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 27 Aug 2021

Snapchat is known for its quirky AR effects like disappearing messages and funky filters. Now Snapchat is rolling out a major update to its Scan feature. As part of the update, the Scan feature is now available via a menu at the center. The Scan feature is super useful and can be used to identify objects and do cool things like identify dog breeds.

Snapchat started the integrated Scan feature two years ago. The feature is designed to detect objects and enhance the overall AR experience. Now Snapchat is highlighting the feature such that user adoption could go up. This is the reason the feature is moved right into the camera interface on the Snapchat app for iPhone. Furthermore, Snapchat users will get a recommendation of camera mode, soundtrack, and Lense depending on the scanned object.

Another core pillar of Scan is what Snap calls camera shortcuts. It works by recommending a combo of a camera mode, soundtrack, and Lense. So if you point the camera at the sky, Lenses specifically designed to work with the sky will be shown alongside a song clip and color filter, letting you apply all the changes at once. According to Zhan, Snap is working to add camera shortcuts to its TikTok rival Spotlight, potentially letting the viewer of a video quickly jump into their camera with the same configuration used to create the video they just watched.

Snapchat’s scan camera shortcut is currently limited to few scenes including shots of the sky, human feet, dogs, and dancing. On the brighter side, the company will soon add new scenes. If you are a video creator then the scenes will come in handy and add some bling.

Scan’s biggest new addition is a shopping feature that was built by Snap and aided by its recent acquisition of Screenshop, an app that lets you upload screenshots of clothing and shop for similar items. Scan can recommend similar clothes based on what you’re looking at and let you buy clothes you discover. Scan’s shopping feature will also soon be added to the camera roll section of Snapchat called Memories, letting people shop for clothes based on what they have saved from their camera or screenshots.

The new Scan AR feature is rolling out for iPhone users starting today. What do you think of the Scan AR feature, let us know in the comments below.

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