Snapchat for iPhone Finally Gains Dark Mode Support

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 May 2021

Snapchat first started testing dark mode support for its iOS app at the beginning of this year. Five months later, the company has finally started rolling out dark mode support for its app to iPhone users.

Apple first rolled out Dark mode support with iOS 13 in 2019, so Snapchat has only taken around two years to add support for this feature to its app. Dark mode in Snapchat will help reduce eye strain and even makes the user interface look more attractive. Snapchat is rolling out dark mode support in its app via a server-side update, which the company says should be available to over 90 percent of users from this week itself. Reports on Twitter seem to indicate that many Snapchat users have already got the feature.

Snapchat users will have three different theme options to choose from: dark mode, light mode, and another one that matches the system theme. So, if you have dark mode enabled on your iPhone, Snapchat will also use dark mode. You can find the option to change the theme under Snapchat Settings -> App Appearance. For now, Snapchat is only rolling out dark mode to its iOS app, with the Android app slated to get the feature in the coming months.

Apart from Snapchat, Facebook also took its own sweet time in adding dark mode support to its iOS app. The company got around to rolling out dark mode support for its iPhone and iPad app in November last year.