Don’t Update Snapchat on Your iPhone, It’ll Crash [Update: Bug Fixed]

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 28 Jun 2021

snapchat iPhone app

Snapchat users around the world are reporting that the Snapchat app on iPhone is crashing on launch. Snapchat issued an app update earlier today, which seems to have caused the issue. The company has acknowledged the issue since and says that a fix for the app crash will be rolling out soon.

Snapchat updated its app to version earlier today. The update log has the same changelog, with it saying “Bug fixes”. However, contrary to the changelog, Snapchat on iOS seems to crash after a few seconds of launch with the new update.

Loads and loads of people have reported the issue on social media platforms today. Users are reporting that the app opens for a few seconds and then crashes abruptly. Snapchat users are primarily worried about breaking their “streaks,” and if the issue lasts longer than 24 hours, every Snapchat user on iOS could (potentially) lose their streak.

Snapchat has acknowledged the issue on Twitter, and the company claims that the bug will be fixed soon. Surprisingly, Snapchat still hasn’t pulled the update from the App Store, even though the bug seems to be quite widespread.

Till the issue is fixed, we would recommend you to turn off Automatic App Updates on your iPhone, as well as, not update the Snapchat from App Store. Here’s how you can stop iPhone and iPad from updating apps automatically.

If you’ve updated the app already, there’s nothing you can do but wait for Snapchat to roll out a bug fix. There’s no fix available right now. We’ll update this article as and when the bug is patched.

Have you experienced Snapchat app crash on your iPhone? If yes, have you found any workaround for this bug? Let us know in the comments section below!

Update: Snapchat has finally fixed the bug after nearly 8 hours of it being reported. iOS users will have to manually update to version through the App Store to get Snapchat to work.

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