You Can Buy This Stealth iPhone 12 Pro Without Any Cameras or LiDAR Scanner for Just $4,990

BY Jing Moreno

Published 3 Dec 2020

iPhone 12 Pro Stealth Gold

Caviar has recently launched a lavishly modified version of the iPhone 12 Pro, “iPhone 12 Pro Stealth”. Like Caviar’s previous iPhones, this edition also uses precious metal materials such as titanium and gold, but the unexpected highlight of this version is the absence of cameras and the LiDAR scanner.

Essentially, this is an iPhone 12 Pro that can’t snap photos or allow video recordings. It is designed for corporations and government employees that are engaging in confidential work to protect their privacy.

This iPhone 12 Pro comes without the rear camera lens and disabled the front lens. Nonetheless, Face ID is not affected considering it only needs the TrueDepth sensor in order to function.

Caviar said it was named “Stealth” because its design was inspired by a jet that evaded radar detection. There are two versions of the customized iPhone, and the back panel is made of hardened titanium alloy

Price-wise, the Stealth iPhone 12 Pro starts at a whopping $4,990, whereas the Stealth Gold iPhone 12 Pro starts at $5,520. Though they may be expensive at this price range, however, by Caviar’s standards, this is a fairly low price, at least is much more affordable than the iPhone 12 Pro with 18K gold, which sells for $23,380.

The two versions are limited to 99 units worldwide. So, even if you have the money, there is no guarantee you’ll get it.

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Via Caviar