Tesla’s New $300 Wireless Charger is the AirPower We Never Got

BY Sriansh

Published 23 Dec 2022

Tesla AirPower

Remember AirPower? Apple announced the infamous wireless charging pad in 2017, only for it to be canceled in March 2019. Tesla has now launched its new Wireless Charging Platform, a product that seems to take inspiration from Apple’s infamous AirPower charger.

The AirPower was a wireless charging pad that was designed to charge multiple devices at the same time. However, Apple ran into issues during the development of the product, and it was canceled. We have seen a few prototypes of AirPower pop-up on the internet every now and then, but Apple never officially launched the product after announcing it.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform Comes with Similar Features as AirPower

Tesla, on the other hand, has successfully developed the product. The company’s new charger looks similar to AirPower and features the same functionality. It comes with an angular, metallic design inspired by the Cybertruck and is able to provide up to 15W of fast charging power per device for up to three devices at a time.

It also includes “FreePower” technology, which allows devices to be placed anywhere on its surface without precise alignment, just like the AirPower was meant to do. The Wireless Charging Platform has 30 coils arranged in a design similar to the AirPower and comes with an integrated USB-C cable and a 65W USB-C adapter, as well as a detachable magnetic stand.

The charging pad is now available for pre-order and is set to ship in February 2023. It’s unclear if Tesla has addressed the overheating issues that were rumored to have plagued the AirPower, but with the charger now available for pre-order, consumers will soon be able to find out for themselves.

Overall, it seems that Tesla is looking to fill the void left by the cancellation of AirPower with its new Wireless Charging Platform. The charger’s ability to charge multiple devices at the same time, combined with its sleek design and “FreePower” technology, make it an appealing choice for anyone in need of a wireless charging pad.