Video Shows Working AirPower Prototype in Action

BY Sriansh

Published 19 Aug 2022

A YouTuber has posted a hands-on video of a working Apple AirPower prototype, giving us a detailed look at Apple’s publicly abandoned wireless charging project.

Can you recall AirPower? Apple announced the infamous wireless charging pad with iPhone X in 2017. It was, however, delayed several times before being officially canceled in March 2019. YouTubers Luke Miani and 91Tech have now managed to get their hands on working AirPower prototypes and showcase Apple’s vision of a seamless wireless charger to us. 

Like the previously leaked AirPower prototypes, the units shown in the video do not come with the white shell Apple showed us during the iPhone X announcement. Instead, the prototype shows us AirPower’s alleged internal circuitry very clearly. There appear to be 14 wireless charging coils in total, tightly packed and layered across the surface area of the device. 

AirPower Prototypes

While the prototypes didn’t work out of the box, Miani managed to get them working by using the Terminal app and some developer tools that are not publicly available. However, the prototypes only last a few seconds before powering off and requiring a reboot. Nonetheless, you can catch a glimpse of the working AirPower in the two videos down below:

AirPower was Apple’s ambitious wireless charging solution to charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods together. However, it is believed that Apple was struggling to overcome the heating issues and thus canceled the project shortly after its announcement. 

It was rumored that Apple restarted AirPower’s development in 2020. Bloomberg supported the claim when it reported that Apple is developing a ‘less ambitious’ AirPower behind the scenes. However, there have been no further reports on the wireless charging pad yet. And, it’s very unlikely that Apple will release the device now.

What are your thoughts on the video? Do you believe Apple will still revive the project? Let us know in the comments section down below!