Top Apple Stories of the Week: Apple’s AR/VR Headset Rumors, iPhone 14 with ProMotion, More

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 15 Jan 2022

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In case you missed events and exciting news from the world of Apple this week, check out this roundup of top stories, so you’re all caught up with everything Apple.

This week, we came across several rumors surrounding the in-development Apple mixed reality headset, one of which suggested the product development has hit a roadblock. An analyst also claimed that all the 2022 iPhone 14 models would have 6GB of RAM and a 120Hz proMotion display. Meanwhile, T-Mobile users complained that they could not use iOS 15’s iCloud Private Relay feature. Fortnite also made an unconventional comeback on iPhone and iPad this week.

Rumors Claim Apple’s AR/VR Headset Facinging Overheating, Won’t Support Metaverse, Uses 96W Adapter

This week several eminent analysts speculated about Apple’s mixed reality headset. Several Big Tech companies envision the metaverse as the future of the internet. Still, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Facebook’s vision of the future with a completely virtual world is “off-limits from Apple.” Later in the week, the analyst also claimed that the headset’s design had hit a roadblock in the form of issues with the software, camera modules, and overheating.

Gurman said that Apple’s plan to launch the headset at Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in July could be deferred until 2023. We believe that while the software and camera module issues would be quick to resolve, the thermal issue could entail a time-taking redesign. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that the headset would use the same 96W USB-C power adapter as the powerful MacBook Pro.

Non-Pro iPhone 14 Models Could Feature 6GB of RAM, ProMotion Displays

Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu claimed that the 2022 iPhone 14 would ditch the mini Moniker, and all the models would feature 6GB of RAM. In the iPhone 13 series, only the Pro and Pro Max models feature 6GB of RAM. He also claimed that all the variants would feature ProMotion displays capable of a 120Hz variable refresh rate. Previous rumors suggested the iPhone 14 range would feature 8GB of RAM, but Pu claims 6GB would be used due to cost considerations.

Additionally, several tipsters, including analysts at TrendForce, Pu, and Kuo, believe that the iPhone 14’s Pro models would feature a 48MP wide-angle camera unit. The larger sensor translates into more detailed photos in ideal lighting conditions but compromised color accuracy in low light. Like several Android majors, Apple reportedly plans to mitigate the issue by deploying pixel binning technology. Meanwhile, Apple is also said to be planning an event in March or April to launch the iPhone SE 3, packing a faster processor and support for 5G.

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Fortnite Makes Comeback on iPhone and iPad via NVIDIA GeForce Now

Since it was booted from Apple’s App Store in August 2020 for violating in-app purchase rules, Fortnite has been out of bounds for iPhone and iPad users. This week that changed because Epic Games announced a closed beta test for Fortnite on NVIDIA’s GeForce Now videogame streaming service. iPhone/iPad users accepted into the beta will be able to play Fortnite through Safari.

Fortnite has been available to Android users on GeForce Now for a while. However, that game is based on Fortnite for PC. The beta-tested version for iOS is based on the mobile version, so players should find in-game menus and controls better optimized for mobile use. Epic said it is accepting “selected members” from January 13 for the closed beta test. It remains to be seen if a streamed version of Fortnite is a viable long-term alternative to a native iOS app.

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iCloud Private Relay Refuses to Work for Some T-Mobile Customers, Apple Clears Confusion

iCloud Private Relay allows iOS 15 users to conceal their browsing activity from internet providers and Apple itself. Early this week, Twitter was abuzz with reports of T-Mobile customers being unable to use the feature. The carrier had earlier voiced concerns over Private Relay in an open letter along with European carriers.
Shortly afterward, leaked internal documents reportedly showed Private Relay was not working only if customers had enabled T-Mobile’s content filtering tools.

T-Mobile later blamed a bug in iOS 15.2, but the iPhone maker was quick to clarify. It suggested that people facing the issue should ensure they haven’t disabled the Limit IP Address Tracking feature on cellular data to prevent iCloud Private Relay from working. You can read our guide about iCloud Private Relay to understand how it works.

T-Mobile Private Relay Block

Apple Nukes Wordle Clones from App Store, but Scam Apps Continue

This week, Apple removed all the clones of the Wordle puzzle app from the App Store. These imitations offered additional features such as unlimited plays with expensive in-app purchases and annual subscriptions. This went against the ethos of the Wordle app. Interestingly, World isn’t the only app with several clones online.

Developer Kosta Elftheriou highlighted another scam app called AmpMe on the App Store. The app claims to be free but charges a recurring subscription fee for fundamental features. Elftheriou says that the subscription is easy to initiate but hard to cancel. Moreover, the app drowns authentic negative user reviews in paid fake positive reviews. PUBG mobile developer Krafton has sued Apple for allowing its rip-offs to be distributed online.

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  7. Gurman: Glucose Monitoring in Apple Watch Not Expected to Arrive Until ‘Second Half of the Decade’
  8. Apple Car Schematics Reportedly Presented to Auto Parts Maker in 2

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