Top 25 watchOS 7 Tips and Tricks

BY Parth Shah

Published 16 Sep 2020

watchOS 7 tips tricks

Announced at WWDC 2020, watchOS 7 is the newest version of the operating system that runs on the Apple Watch. The new version of watchOS brings missing features such as sleep tracking and fresh additions like new complications, support for more workout types, cycling directions, improved Siri with language translation, and better privacy. In short, your existing Apple Watch is bound to get a makeover with new watch faces, features, and a bunch of tweaks.

Apple is all set to release watchOS 7 update for all compatible Apple Watch models later today. As for compatibility, watchOS 7 is accessible with the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, and the Apple Watch Series 5. If you have installed watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch then its time to explore the OS with tips and tricks below.

watchOS 7 Tips and Tricks

watchOS 7 brings aesthetic add-ons as well as health improvements and redesign for the default apps. In short, you are in a tasty treat for this fall on your Apple Watch.

1. Apply New Watch Faces

Everything you do on the Apple Watch starts with the watch face. With watchOS 7, watch faces are more customizable, powerful, and discoverable than ever. watchOS 7 also packs the Chronograph Pro face with a tachymeter that can display details on speed based on time traveled over a distance.

2. Use New Powerful Complications

watchOS 6 brought neat complications for apps on Apple Watch. With the watchOS 7, it’s getting more powerful with customization options. Now you can add complications from as many apps as you want. For example, if you’re a surfer, you can get the swell size, water temperature, and wind speed from a single app.

The addition comes as a direct development of the Infograph, which allowed up to 8 complications and first appeared on the Apple Watch Series 4.

With new watch faces and custom complications, you are bound to find the perfect Apple Watch face on other users’ watch. Instead of asking that particular configuration and then try to emulate it on your own Watch, you can simply ask others to share the Watch face with watchOS 7 update.

3. Keep Track of Your Sleep Hours

Native sleep tracking has been one of the most requested features from the Apple Watch users. The company finally listened to the growing demand and integrated sleep tracking in watchOS 7 update.

Using Sleep tracking, you can automatically measure your sleep time through accelerometer and gyro. You can find insightful data such as sleep quality, sleep goal completion, a period when you were awake, average sleep time, and average time in bed. It shows sleep records over a period of time such as a week or a month as well. All the data is encrypted and synced between compatible devices that are tied to the same iCloud account.

4. Use BedTime Reminders and Wake Up Sounds

Apple is doubling down on improving your uneven sleep schedule. watchOS 7 allows users to sync Bedtime mode from the iPhone. You can set your sleep and wake up time schedules, and create pre-bedtime routines to meet your sleep goals.

watchOS 7 also offers wake up reminders to get you out of bed on time.

5. Enjoy an Advanced Do Not Disturb Mode

In Sleep mode, the Apple Watch automatically turns on Do Not Disturb and keeps the screen from waking. These features are enabled for the entire sleep schedule that’s set up.

6. Enable Wind Down 

Another useful add-on to improve your sleep cycle. Wind Down assists you in establishing a bedtime routine with shortcuts that help you relax, like opening a meditation app and dimming your lights. Wind Down helps a user prepare for sleep, while routines in the Home app can help to turn the lights off so that an Apple Watch user can gently go to sleep.

7. Wake-up Sounds and Alerts

Alarms on watchOS 7 allow users to wake up using gentle audio or haptic feedback, which buzzes so you don’t disturb your partner early in the morning.

8. Charge and Recharge Reminders

This is the perfect example of Apple’s ecosystem of hardware coming into play. If your Apple Watch battery is below 30 percent near bedtime, you’ll get a reminder to charge. If you charge after waking up, you’ll get an iPhone notification when you’re at 100 percent. Neat implementation by Apple.

9. Try New Workout Types

With watchOS 7, the workout types aren’t limited to basic routines. Fitness freaks can now enjoy four new workout types including Dance, Functional Strength Training, Core Training, and even your post-workout Cooldown in watchOS 7.

Simply open the new Fitness app and start the workout. Yes, Apple has renamed the Activity App as Fitness in watchOS 7.

10. Compete and Share

The Fitness app on watchOS syncs all the data to the Apple Health app on the iPhone. You can compete with your friends and see your activity competitions and activity sharing information in one place.

11. A Nifty Handwashing Detection Mode

Apple added a new handwashing detection feature that listens for the sounds of running water and then starts a 20-second timer to help you wash your hands for the appropriate amount of time.

Apple Watch uses haptic feedback to remind you when the 20 seconds are completed. The countdown is shown in bubble-like letters, with haptic feedback and a “Well Done” message when handwashing is complete. You will also receive a reminder to wash your hands when you reach home. A handy addition in today’s time.

12. Enjoy Cycling Directions in Maps

Apple Maps on iPhone and Apple Watch are getting cycling support with iOS 14 and watchOS 7 respectively. watchOS 7 brings cycling directions on the Apple Watch that shows information such as elevation, traffic, and the presence of bike lanes.

You can choose cycling directions that offer the quickest path to the destination, the most direct path, or a route that avoids steep hills. Simply Choose the one that works for you: fastest, shortest, or suggested. If your route requires getting off your bike, you’ll see instructions like ‘dismount and walk’ or ‘take the stairs’ on your Apple Watch.

13. Translate Languages on the Go

Similar to Siri on iOS 14, watchOS 7 is also getting the Siri translation feature. You can quickly trigger Siri and ask for language conversion. Opt for the Apple Watch’s microphone to dictate words and sentences and ask Siri to convert it to another language (from the set of supported languages).

As of now, Siri on Apple Watch supports 10 languages including Spanish, English, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

14. Use Siri Shortcuts on Apple Watch

Apple has been improving the Siri Shortcuts function with each iOS/watchOS update. With watchOS 7, you have a quicker way to run shortcuts you’ve created on your iPhone. You can even add them as complications on your watch face.

15. Benefits With Hearing Improvements

watchOS 6 introduced the Noise app. watchOS 7 takes the experience further by sending you a notification and have your headphone volume reduced to a safe level when you reach the World Health Organization’s recommended safe weekly listening dose.

You can now see how long you’ve listened to high-decibel sounds each week in the Health app on iPhone.

16. Redesigned Customization Menu

When you try to customize the watchOS face, you will find a new color pallet with live preview, a new complication picker menu, and smaller tweaks throughout the UI.

17. Send Location From Your Apple Watch

watchOS 7 Messages app now allows you to share your current location with another contact.

18. Battery Health Improvements

Similar to the iPhone, you can now see the battery health of your Apple Watch from the watchOS 7 Settings menu. Apple is also bringing the Optimized Battery Charging for Apple Watch. It helps to reduce battery aging by learning your charging habits and limiting the battery charging level to 80%.

19. Use Siri to Announce Messages

This can be handy in certain situations. With watchOS, 7 you can have Siri read out messages when 2nd generation AirPods and some beats headphones are connected to your iPhone. Simply open the Control Centre and use the Announce Messages toggle to use the function.

20. Customize Control Centre

This has been long overdue. Apple finally offers a way to delete toggle in the Control Centre. You will see an Edit button in the Control Centre. Tap on it and it will allow you to remove unwanted toggles from the Control Centre.

21. Use Timer in Camera Remote

You can now have a 3 second of time in the camera remote app in the watchOS 7. It’s quite useful in certain situations.

22. Access Complications from the Always On Display

Prior to watchOS 7, users needed to tap on the Apple Watch display to wake it up and use complications. Now, you can directly tap on the complication to see the details. No need to wake up the screen first.

23. Customized Stand Hours and Exercise Minutes

The new watchOS 7 update includes a new Apple Watch feature that’s designed to let users customize all of their Activity goals, setting not only calorie targets, but also Stand hours and Exercise minutes. The option was missing from watchOS 6. Goals will be much more customizable with ‌watchOS 7.

24. Improved Privacy

User privacy has been one of the major selling points for Apple. With watchOS 7, the company doubling down on it. Apple claims that all of your activity, fitness, and health-related data is encrypted on the device or in iCloud. Your data is always in your control with watchOS 7.

All the Siri dictation is handled on the device through the Apple Neural Engine, making requests faster and more reliable.

25. Redesigned Built-in Apps

watchOS 7 brings makeover to some of the default apps such as Stocks, Weather, and Wallet. For example, the new Wallet app in watchOS 7 showcases full cards and not just a stack of cards like watchOS 6.

Overall, watchOS 7 is a solid upgrade for the existing Apple Watch users. It will only widen the gap with rivals like Fitbit and Android Wear. Apple is rightfully exploring health functions and tightening iPhone/Apple Watch integration. If the update is not showing up for you then read our guide to install watchOS 7 update on your Apple Watch right now.

What are some of your favorite tips and tricks for watchOS 7? Share with us in the comments below. While you are at it, don’t forget to check our full list of 50+ the new watchOS 7 features.