Twitter is Working on New Full Screen Mode for iPhone

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 16 Jul 2021

twitter blue

Twitter has been testing a slew of new features and also canceled recently launched Fleets. Now Twitter is working on a new full screen layout to make better use of horizontal space on iPhone. The most significant change is that is that the tweet now appears below the user’s name and profile picture instead of next to it.

Researcher Jane Manchum Wong says the rollout has already begun and has also posted a screenshot. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey replied to the Tweet and said it looks much better than the previous layout.

Typically iPhones are equipped with taller and narrower displays. In other words, there is a shortage of horizontal space and an excess of vertical space. The pictures look bigger and seem to make better use of screen real-estate due to the updated interface. Twitter’s full screen mode maximises horizontal space usage.

The new change will enhance the user experience on iPhone. However, the Twitter app still lacks many features found on third-party applications like Tweetbot. Advanced users have often criticized the official Twitter app. Meanwhile, Tweetbot lets you manage Lists in a much better way and also lets you mute users, hashtags, and keywords.

Earlier this week, we learned that Twitter is working on new features, including ‘Twitter for Professionals’, Muting DM and Profile Category. Twitter is also readying an advanced search option for DM and emoji-styled reaction buttons. Hopefully, one day Twitter will offer a user experience that puts it at par with Tweetbot and other alternatives.

[via Twitter]